A degree in Commercial Aviation is waiting for you

degree in Commercial Aviation

Earn your degree in Commercial Aviation with the University of Memphis and CTI

Have you heard about the brand new degree in Commercial Aviation with the University of Memphis? Three years in the making, this exciting new opportunity will be available this coming academic year – and here’s why you should be one of the first to try it!

A fantastic degree program

The degree in Commercial Aviation with the University of Memphis is a 120-credit hour program, 61 hours of which are devoted to your aviation instruction at CTI Professional Flight Training.

Your studies will also incorporate much more besides, including a combination of courses in law, business, and leadership. This gives you an unbeatable insight into all aspects of commercial aviation – making you a more desirable candidate for future employers!

Finally, you’ll end your studies with a capstone course, providing all you need to become a qualified flight instructor. This offers the added bonus of diversifying your earning streams and potential. What could be better than that?

Access to financial aid and scholarships

By learning to fly through your degree in Commercial Aviation, you could take advantage of financial assistance to help fund your way through your training.

The cost of earning a commercial pilot’s license can be high, but as your flight tuition will be incorporated into your degree programme, you could be eligible for certain aid or scholarships which will make the whole process much more affordable.

Reduced flight hour requirements

Ordinarily, pilots need 1,500 hours of flight time to become a commercial pilot. However, with a degree in Commercial Aviation, you only need 1,000 hours to earn your license. That’s a reduction of one-third!

Outstanding career prospects

With the commercial pilot shortage on the rise, there’s never been a better time to train. However, the new degree in Commercial Aviation has also received praise and endorsement from FedEx Corp. CEO and founder, Fred Smith. The world-famous logistics company is in a similar need for qualified pilots, and there could well be a perfect career waiting for you around the corner.

How to apply

If you’re ready to grab this ideal opportunity with both hands, get in touch with the University of Memphis to discuss how you can be one of the first to experience it. The soft roll-out of the degree in Commercial Aviation begins on 27 August, so there’s still time to consider enrolling.

And if you’re successful, we look forward to working alongside you at CTI Professional Flight Training! Good luck!

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