College Students

College Programs

A college education is a definite advantage in the aviation industry.  Most Major Airlines prefer their pilots to have a degree, and approved Bachelor's degree programs can provide 500 "credit" hours toward an ATP Certificate.  Approved Associate's degree programs can provide 250 "credit" hours.  That can put you a step ahead in the journey to the coveted Captain's seat. 

CTI Professional Flight Training Academy offers endless possibilities and ultimate flexibility to the college students considering a career as a pilot.  With a large fleet of new aircraft and a full staff of Certified Flight Instructors, we can accommodate almost any schedule.  We even offer special programs that allow you to build flight time during off-peak hours at a fraction of the normal cost.  Two routes designed specifically for those attending college full-time include:

CTI College Summer Program 

The CTI College Summer Program involves 9 to 10 week sessions during your summer breaks that include everything you need to achieve your certifications.  The time commitment averages approximately 10 hours per week, so you have plenty of time to enjoy your summer. 

At the end of your Senior year, you will graduate with a job as a Certified Flight Instructor and should be able to qualify for your ATP requirements within one year. 

CTI Express College Program 

The Express Program involves the same comfortable time commitments during the summer, but adds approximately 1 hour investment per week and 1-2 hours investment per weekend during your Freshman and Sophomore school year.

Under this program, you end your Sophomore year as a Certified Flight Instructor and can spend your Junior and Senior summer breaks making money and accruing flight hours as a CTI flight instructor.  After you graduate from college, you should be able to achieve the ATP requirement in about 6 months.   

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