Private or Commercial Multi-Engine Add-on

A multi-engine rating can take your private or commercial single-engine pilot license to the next level!

Aircraft: For our pilots based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this course is taught by our professional Multi-Engine Instructors in a well-maintained Beechcraft Duchess.  For our pilots in the Memphis, Tennessee area, this course is taught in the Diamond DA-42-NG “Twinstar” aircraft.

Requirements: Applicant must be 17 years of age and at minimum must hold an FAA third class medical with private pilot certificate. If instrument rated, pilot must be current and proficient.

Duration: 3-5 days

Base Price: $4,995.00 (FXE)

For our Memphis (NQA) rates, please call or e-mail us for up-to-date pricing! 

We encourage all pilots, whether as a hobby or as a career, to continue to grow their skills! If you are a pilot in South Florida or the Memphis, Tennessee area, receiving a multi-engine rating will give you access to more aircraft and will give you more flexibility as a pilot.

As with every school, actual costs vary depending on each student’s unique abilities. Our price quotes are based on average course length required to reach proficiency under FAA Part 61 standards and do not include any applicable examiner fees, student visa fees, TSA fees, knowledge exam costs, textbooks, or accommodations. Flight training is a highly individualized process and the actual number of hours required to reach a standard will vary significantly by candidate. Fuel Surcharges may apply and are subject to change without notice. There is a one-time enrollment fee for all CTI Professional Flight Training students.

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