Commercial Multi Engine Course

At CTI Professional Flight Training, we know that flight training doesn’t stop with single engine airplanes. Our instructors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Memphis, Tennessee can help to open up more career opportunities with a multi-engine add-on to your commercial pilot license.  Even if you are not pursuing a professional career in aviation, our multi-engine training can expand private pilot skills as well.

You can only experience so much in a single engine aircraft. If you are interested in advancing your skills as pilot professionally or recreationally, our multi-engine commercial training course will prepare you. Our flight instructors will teach you the fundamental differences between single and multi-engine complex planes. You will also learn how to fly in case of an engine failure. The multi-engine course is great if you just want to build up more flight hours as well.

Our Commercial Multi-Engine Course is conducted in the Beechcraft Duchess in Fort Lauderdale, or in the Diamond DA-42-NG in Millington, Tennessee. This is part of the last course in our full Professional Pilot Program. At the completion of this course, you will hold an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate, single and multi-engine land with an instrument rating.

Contact us today if you already hold your private, instrument and commercial single-engine ratings–CTI Professional Flight Training can help you take the last step towards your pilot career!

As with every school, actual costs vary depending on each student’s unique abilities. Our price quotes are based on FAA minimum required hours under FAR Part 141 regulations and do not include any applicable examiner fees, student visa fees, TSA fees, knowledge exam costs, textbooks, or accommodations. Flight training is a highly individualized process and the actual number of hours required to reach a standard will vary significantly by candidate. Fuel Surcharges may apply and are subject to change without notice. Programs may vary between our locations. There is a one-time enrollment fee for all CTI Professional Flight Training students.

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