Earn a Commercial Aviation Degree

Did you know you can earn a Commercial Aviation degree through the University of Memphis? Just a few years ago, this amazing opportunity became a reality. Now you can join other aspiring young aviators and get your wings through a major university and a little help from CTI. 

A Top Tier Program 

The degree in Commercial Aviation with the University of Memphis consists of 120-credit hours. Sixty-one of those will be devoted to your aviation instruction at CTI Professional Flight Training. Your studies will be a combination of courses in law, business, and leadership. This gives a competitive edge in understanding the big picture of commercial aviation and makes you a highly desirable future candidate. Your program ends with a capstone course giving you everything you need to become a qualified flight instructor, diversifying your earning stream and potential. 

Financial Aid and Scholarships 

You have the option to take advantage of financial assistance to help fund your way through training. The cost of earning a commercial pilot’s license can be high, but your flight tuition is packaged into your degree program. This can make you eligible for certain aid or scholarships making the cost much more affordable. 

Reduced Flight Hours 

Typically, pilots need 1,500 hours of light time to qualify as a commercial pilot. However, when you get a degree in Commercial Aviation, you only need 1,000 hours to earn your license. That’s a reduction of 1/3. Not bad! 

High Demand 

If you didn’t already know, the demand for commercial pilots is high and on the rise. There has never been more opportunity than now to enter the profession. The new degree in Commercial Aviation has received notice and endorsements from enterprise CEO’s like Fred Smith of FedEx. The company is in need of qualified pilots, so being a commercial pilot doesn’t always mean you’ll need to be flying passengers. You could be flying a plane full of packages. 

Ready to Apply? 

If you’re ready to take advantage of a great opportunity in Memphis, check out The University of Memphis’ Bachelor of Science in Commercial Aviation program to see how you can get started.

And if you’re successful, we look forward to working alongside you at CTI Professional Flight Training! Good luck!

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