Redbird FMX

Redbird FMX

The Diamond DA-20 and DA-42 are accurately represented in our new Redbird FMX advanced full-motion flight training device, which allows our students to become familiar with the aircraft controls while safely on the ground. The Redbird FMX is an Advanced Aviation Training Device with a fully-enclosed cockpit and more than 200 degrees of wrap-around visuals. Its motion has a range of 60° of yaw, 50° of pitch, and 40° of roll, making each flight simulation feel surprisingly close to the real thing. This simulator is available at our Millington, Tennessee location.


Our customers say:

“Working in the Redbird FMX has been a tremendous experience.  It has allowed me to focus and truly hone my IFR procedures and techniques.  I could do a lot of this work in my airplane, but I personally feel it would take more time, whereas with the Redbird FMX I can utilize the time more effectively. The look, the feel, and the realistic nature of using the full motion features is incredible.”

-Eugene J.


“I’m very impressed with the Red Bird Simulator.  It’s extremely valuable to have such a device in this market that is available to the GA and ‘low to mid’ level pilot community at a reasonable rate.  It’s simply amazing how much you can get accomplished in this machine at a much lower cost than flying an aircraft.  Short of having access to one of the FedEX simulators or paying out the nose for flying one of the sims at PanAM, this is a God-send for pilots in this area.

It’s very satisfying to be able to fly approaches to minimums in ragged weather in the Red Bird rather than take chances performing them in the actual airplane.  …….MUCH safer and much more economical also.  The beauty of this sim is the surround screen, the excellent graphics, the motion and the feedback that the system provides to the pilot very closely duplicates the actual flight environment with the ability to stop and go back if you had a problem on an approach.  The ability to move from locale to locale almost instantly without burning up any fuel and being able to shoot multiple approaches to multiple airports is great!

I would be glad to recommend this simulator to any pilot, no matter the experience level.  This is a true learning experience, whether you are a student, private, instrument, commercial or CFI.  This system can be tailored to your specific wants and needs and can let you try approaches and maneuvers in a safe and controlled environment that you would be hard pressed to safely accomplish in the airplane.  It is a trainer, a confidence builder, a great instrument training experience and one hell of a lot of fun!

This is definitely NOT your run of the mill ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ but a true aviation safety and training tool!  CTI is to be congratulated for having the faith to actually invest in the local aviation community and it’s my sincere hope that the pilot community will respond in kind.  I’d love to see more of this type of investment and I hope you will consider utilizing this sim and your aircraft to also draw our area’s young people into the field of aviation.  We need more well-trained and safe pilots and this seems to be CTI’s goal and mission.

Again, thanks for bringing this great aviation training and safety tool to the Mid-South!  Thanks also for your expertise in reviewing my Instrument flight abilities and helping me further fine tune my skills.”

-Dale S.