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Flight training at either of the CTI Professional Flight Training academies is an excellent choice for International flight training students seeking a career as a pilot. The US has cheap fuel, an abundance of open airspace, temperate climates and no aviation user fees.  The FAA licenses offered by CTI are recognized worldwide.  Our Professional Flight Training programs meet all requirements for our students to be legally employed as a US Commercial Pilot.  We can also direct you to Total English Immersion, which offers the opportunity to quickly learn English to satisfy the required proficiency level. 

Our professional flight training school is registered with SEVP, and we can help you complete the steps necessary to get an M-1 student visa. For more details visit the US State Department website, or contact us at  The steps are as follows:

  1. Become accepted to our program and pay a $2,100 deposit - we will send you a Form I-20
  2. Remit your SEVIS I-901 fee at 
  3. Apply for your visa at any American embassy or consulate
  4. Begin the TSA approval process at
  5. Once accepted, you will be fingerprinted and ready to begin training.

If you have flight experience outside the US, we will be happy to provide a logbook review and help you map out a path to reach your goals.  CTI can help arrange housing at either of our locations.  And, we offer one of the most efficient and financially stable flight training programs available to international students.  For more details, visit our International Student FAQ page. 

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