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Seniority is Key

Since pay rates, flight schedules, assignment destinations, and career advancements in the aviation industry are based on seniority, timing is important.  CTI maintains a large fleet and sizeable flight instructor staff in order to provide our students with a generous flight training schedule.  We can help you achieve your Commercial Pilot License in months, not years - beginning with no experience whatsoever, and you can begin flight training while you are in high school.  Also, since many Major Airlines prefer candidates with degrees, we offer customized and express programs that allow you to achieve all of your certifications and even begin earning money as a flight instructor while attending college full-time.

ATP and R-ATP Requirements

The FAA's current requirements to become a first officer (second in command / SIC) of a commercial aircraft include acquiring a Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate and meeting the flight time requirements of FAR 61.160, which is roughly 1500 hours.  However, pilots coming through certain training programs can begin their career with a Restricted ATP Certificate (R-ATP), involving less flight time.  These programs and requirements include:

Graduates of approved 4-year universities offering an aviation degree need only 1000 hours of flight time, 60 credit hours of aviation coursework, and a Commercial Pilot Certificate from a part 141 program

Graduates of approved 2-year universities offering an aviation degree need only 1250 hours of flight time, 30 credit hours of aviation coursework, and a Commercial Pilot Certificate from a part 141 program

Military pilots need only 750 hours of total flight time and 200 hours of cross-country time


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