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Heroes in Flight: Albert Scott Crossfield

Albert Scott Crossfield was an American naval officer and test pilot. In 1953, he became the first pilot to fly at twice the speed of sound. He was the first of twelve pilots who flew the North American X-15, an experimental spaceplane operated by NASA. The Early Years In 1950, at age 29, Crossfield joined…

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Airplane Takes Flight

A highly-modified Piper Malibu Mirage took flight in Cranfield, England, last week and made history. The short circuit flight around the airport was notable because of what was powering the plane. It was powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which made it the world’s first flight with zero-emission fuel for a “commercial-grade” passenger airplane. Decarbonized…

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Electric Airplane Makes History

Earlier this year a small white-and-red Cessna Grand Caravan took off from Moses Lake in Washington state and flew itself into the history books. The aircraft flew at speeds topping 100 mph to an altitude of around 2,500 feet, made some turns, and then landed after about 30 minutes. What made history was under the…

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The World’s Smallest Airplanes

Some aircraft manufacturers race to build the largest airplanes while others are focusing on building the tiniest of metal birds. Maybe one day we’ll all be making transcontinental flights in private flying pods. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the world’s smallest aircraft to ever go into production. Stits…

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5 of the World’s Largest Aircraft

When the Stratolaunch took off from Mojave, California in 2019 it smashed a record that’s remained unbroken for over seven decades. No flying aircraft had surpassed the massive wingspan of Howard Hughes’ H-4 Hercules, also called the “Spruce Goose.” But wingspan is not the only measure of size when considering the world’s largest aircraft –…

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The World’s Smallest Airports

While some airports have received attention for their massive size, the other side of the coin is interesting as well. There are small airports and then there are super small airports, that some might argue are more akin to landing strips than airports. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of…

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The Economics of Owning a Small Plane

Have you thought about one day owning your own small plane? As an aspiring pilot, or if you’re already a pilot, surely the thought has crossed your mind. The freedom to go wherever you want through the airways is one of the greatest forms of freedom imaginable. Having your own plane is also a status…

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Why Private Pilots Should Consider an Instrument Rating

If you have a private pilot’s license, but don’t have an instrument rating, you may be missing out. An instrument rating allows you to fly rather than be stuck on the ground during cloudy weather conditions, and other weather conditions that cause low visibility. The Instrument Flight Rules Rating (IFR) training requirements include 30 hours…

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Artificial Intelligence and Aviation

The use of AI (artificial intelligence) technology in commercial aviation has already made a major impact on the ways flights are operating today. The world’s leading airliner service providers use AI tools and technology to deliver a more personalized traveling experience to passengers. From AI-powered kiosks to automating airline operations and security check-in, AI’s role…

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