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The AN-225 Mriya

The Beast That Will Never Return! There is one aircraft in our minds that will hold its fame for ages to come. It is none other than the iconic AN-225 Mriya. Recent news updates left us in tears as Antonov Airlines confirmed the aircraft has been damaged beyond repair due to Russian attacks. This short…

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Taking a Shortcut for a Piloting Career

Achieving a piloting career has never been an easy thing. A person has to go through, years of extensive training, hectic examinations, and unbelievable expenses in his journey of becoming an airline transport pilot. Many students start their journey with a Private Pilot License (PPL), but for many, the cost incurred with the PPL is…

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World’s Largest Piggyback Ride!

Two Jumbo Jets as the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft  The Space Shuttle Program continued for almost 30 years, starting in 1981 with the STS-1 mission and ending in 2011 with the STS-135 mission. A total number of 135 missions have been flown with five shuttles: Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavor. Two shuttles were completely lost…

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Airports Like No Other – Princess Juliana International Airport

With the beginning of summer, people are swarming into the beaches looking for a warm sun bath. Intense sunlight kissing earth revitalizes your weary body like no other. With that said, have you ever known a place where your sunbath is accompanied by a hot stream of the jet blast from a jumbo jet? If…

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Can Pilots Wear Glasses?

This could be the most raised question in the aviation industry: Are pilots allowed to fly with glasses or contact lenses? We know that you have read about this so many times before, but this is the time where you will get a hard and fast answer.  Yes, pilots are allowed to undertake flying duties…

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5 Ways To Own a Private Jet

Getting Onboard With Private Air Travel   If you have ever imagined taking a nap at 40,000 ft onboard a comfy private jet, your time has come! In this article, we will reveal all the ways to claim a private jet under your belt, at least for a few hours! This is what you want…

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How Aircraft Are Painted? Part 03 of 03

Commercial Aircraft Painting Process Explained  In the first two parts of the article, we covered the painting process with all the vital steps. The last part is dedicated for some background information associated with aircraft painting.  What Types of Paints Are Used on Aircraft?  There are two paint types used in aviation: Epoxy and Enamel.…

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How Aircraft Are Painted? Part 02 of 03

Commercial Aircraft Painting Process Explained  Keywords: Aircraft Painting, Aircraft Painting Process, Commercial Aircraft Painting  We are in the middle of painting an aircraft. As you already know, in the first article (link the first article here) we had some ground on painting process and prepared the aircraft substrate for the paint job. By any chance,…

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How Are Aircraft Painted? Part 1 of 3

Commercial Aircraft Painting Process Explained  Have you ever wondered how airplanes have glossy and crispy exteriors? If you did, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss Aircraft Painting in detail. Are we painting every aircraft on earth? Mmmm, actually no! We have an interesting fact on this; we will reveal…

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