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Which Flight Course is Right for You?

Whether you’re new to flying or you simply want to brush up your skills at CTI Professional Flight Training, you’ll want to make sure to choose a flight course that’s right for you.  CTI offers a wide range of flight courses designed to meet your specific needs. Here is a summary of our most popular…

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Get Back to Flying Again

Did you use to fly, take years off, and are itching to get in the cockpit again? It’s never too late to get back into flying. Maybe you originally planned on taking a short break, and it turned into a multi-year break. Life happens.  There are a lot of reasons people stop flying.  From finances…

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What You Should Look for in a Flight School 

If you’re thinking about learning to fly you’re also thinking about what you should look for in a flight school. You do have a lot of options, so why not invest your time and money in the best way possible. But you want to know what defines a good investment for flight school. Good news,…

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The Top Five Benefits of Flight Simulation Training

Thankfully, learning to fly doesn’t just involve book study, then leaving the ground and hoping everything works out.  Students at our Memphis flight school will be familiar with our Redbird FMX – a state-of-the-art flight simulator which forms a vital part of their training. But why do we use it? And why should you look…

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Earn a Commercial Aviation Degree

Did you know you can earn a Commercial Aviation degree through the University of Memphis? Just a few years ago, this amazing opportunity became a reality. Now you can join other aspiring young aviators and get your wings through a major university and a little help from CTI.  A Top Tier Program  The degree in…

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Benefits of Becoming a Flight Instructor in 2021

Have you been exploring the idea of a career in aviation? Did you know one great career path involves you teaching others to fly? It’s usually not the first thing people think about, but once they understand the benefits and lifestyle, it becomes a popular option for many aspiring aviators. In this article we’ll take…

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Best Places to Fly to in Tennessee

One of the coolest things about earning your pilot’s license in Tennessee is all of the great trips you can make across the state.  Within a short distance from CTI’s Memphis location – Millington-Memphis Airport, you can take to the sky and find some great stops throughout Tennessee. Here are some of our favorites.  Tullahoma…

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Prepping Your Aircraft for Spring

As the ground thaws and the snow melts it’s time to prep our planes for the spring flying season. If your plane was grounded during the winter months you’ll need to do some thorough maintenance. Here’s a review of what to focus on before the wheels go up. Always consult your aircraft’s operating manual and…

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Frequently Asked Student Pilot Questions

If you’re a student pilot you probably have a lot of questions. You will get answers to all of your questions during flight school. But there are some frequently asked student pilot questions that are worth addressing.  Most questions are understandably about what to do when things go wrong. In this article, we’ll take a…

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