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The Shape That Shapes the Aviation Industry: The Airfoil Shape

Shapes! We have been dealing with a plethora of shapes from our kindergarten to advanced studies. However, there is one shape in the world that shapes the aviation industry to its finest positions. Yes, you guessed it correctly; it is none other than the Airfoil shape. Let us take a deeper dive into the airfoil…

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Airports Like No Other – Gibraltar International Airport

Have you ever imagined driving your car on a runway? If you have, here is your chance!  Gibraltar International airport is well-known for its strange runway arrangement. Pilots all over the globe would love to get the opportunity to land on this weird runway. Here we are going through some breathtaking facts about this airport…

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A World Full of White Birds

Unveiling the Reasons Behind Painting Airplanes in White Here is a quick question, what was the color of the aircraft you last flew? Was it white? From single-engine trainers to multi-engine superjumbos, there is one particular characteristic shared among all: glossy white skin. Have you ever thought about the reason behind those white skins? Here…

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Post-COVID Era: The Best Time to Become a Pilot?

Do not let your pilot dream despair with the pandemic!  Here are 5 factors that could create a huge demand for pilots in the post-COVID era: even higher than pre-COVID demand.  Aviation has been the safest mode of transportation on earth thanks to reliable flying machines and robust safety protocols. According to the data collected…

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How to Prepare for Flight School 

If you’ve made the decision to get your pilot’s license you’re likely preparing for flight school. Whether you’re pursuing a career as a commercial pilot, or just getting your private license, there are some things you can start doing now before you start flight school. They aren’t required, but they can help you feel more prepared and…

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The World’s Largest Airports

Have you ever visited one of the world’s largest airports? If you’re not sure, we’ve got the top list for you here. But be ready if you do visit one of these behemoths – it might take you longer than anticipated to find your gate! Most of us have been to an airport, many of…

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Learn to Fly in College

Did you know you can learn to fly while in college? CTI Professional Flight Training offers two programs designed especially for students who want to earn their wings while earning a degree. There’s never been a better time to learn to fly than now. Pilot training requires a lower financial investment compared to other professions with…

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Why You Should Consider Getting a Commercial Pilots License

CTI Professional Flight Training is proud to have launched the careers of hundreds of commercial pilots over the years. But before you commit to the process, you might wonder why so many commercial pilots love what they do every day. Here’s our list of why you should consider getting your commercial pilot’s license.  Every Day…

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How to Finance Your Flight Training

One question prospective students frequently ask is whether we help in financing your flight training at CTI Professional Flight Training. Although we don’t provide direct financing or loans, we have several financing partners who can help. Here’s our quick guide! When you’re beginning your journey into aviation you’ll have questions about financing. Flight students have a…

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