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5 Airplanes that Transformed Flight

The world’s first flight took place on December 17, 1903. Most people know the pilot was Orville Wright. It took another 30 years for aircraft design to reach new levels of innovation. Aviation advanced with every new model, but some models stood out as truly transformative. Let’s take a look at five airplane designs that…

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Clyde Cessna: Heroes in Flight

Clyde Cessna was a farmer and car salesman in Enid, Oklahoma when he was inspired to dedicate his life to aviation. It was in 1910 when Clyde witnessed a traveling airshow and had the direction of his life forever changed. Born in Iowa in 1879, Cessna’s childhood was filled with self-taught innovation and mechanical skills…

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Is Learning to Fly Safe?

If you’ve never piloted an aircraft before your instinct might tell you it’s dangerous. That would be true if you didn’t have any training or experience. Flying, like driving, certainly can be dangerous in certain situations. And like driving, with the proper training and experience, the risks of flying can be reduced and managed. The…

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Top 8 Historical Moments in Flight

Before we reached the skies I’m sure our ancestors never imagined their descendants would eventually not only fly but fly into the stars. Every great moment in flight inspired the next generation of aviators to try flying higher, faster, and farther. Their efforts, dreams, and hard work helped shape civilization into what it is today.…

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5 Private Aviation Predictions for 2020

Every year, the business aviation industry sets a series of expectations based on the results of the prior year. Weeks away from 2020, a series of trends have become sticky talking points for leaders in conferences and media outlets during 2019. A commitment to “go green” is has become a commonly voiced opinion among stakeholders.…

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The World’s Most Dangerous Airlines

Chances are you will never experience any of the airlines on this list.  And, chances are you will never be a pilot for any of these airlines – I hope. Nevertheless, as an aspiring pilot, this trivia could be interesting. Next time you’re relaxing with fellow aspiring aviators you can drop some airline knowledge on…

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2019 Holiday Airport Tips

The holiday season is upon us. Even if you’re not the one in charge yet – the captain – there’s still a good chance you’ll find yourself at an airport in the coming months. Even pilots use airports when they’re not flying. So here are some holiday airport tips to make your airport experience more…

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How Pilot Pay Works

If you’re considering a career as a pilot you might be wondering how getting paid works.  The way pilots get paid varies on a lot of factors. Some pay structures are simple, while others are complex. Things that determine how you get paid include the type of operation you work for, the equipment you fly,…

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Art at the Airport

If you’re thinking about seeing some great contemporary art one way to do it is from buying an airline ticket.  Over the past decade, airports have been investing heavily in art.  Part of their effort is to transform the often stressful experience of airports into interesting rest stops. Many terminals across the country have gone…

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