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Airbus Makes a Shift in Training

Airbus is making a shift in their pilot-training policies by putting a bigger emphasis on manual flying skills. Airbus has decided to propose the change of putting manual flying earlier in the curriculum to avoid pilots heavily relying on automation. This shift in training began after the 2009 crash of an Air France A330 when the…

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AOPA Flight Training Poll

AOPA is conducting a flight training poll and asking pilots and students to share their feedback on their flight training experiences. Top schools will be recognized and all schools will be provided with feedback to help improve training. Pilots and student pilots have until August 23 to take the poll.

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5 Courses You Can Take At A Boca Raton Flight School

Whether you’ve always had a need for speed and elevation, or you were just never satisfied with a standard “nine to five” tethering you down, Boca Raton flight school may be for you. Professional Flight Training is an FAA part 141 approved pilot training center in sunny Florida. As one of the premier professional pilot…

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How To Gain Admissions To The Best Flight Schools In Florida

Have you always dreamed of being a pilot? Or maybe you’ve just always wanted to fly your family around on trips? There’s nothing like the feeling of soaring over the earth and into the clouds, especially when you’re the one who’s in control the entire time. Riding as a passenger on a commercial flight just…

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U.S. Pilot Shortage Increases Demand Professional Pilots

There is no better time to become a pilot in the United States than right now. A recent pilot shortage is drastically affecting the airline industry, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. New rest-time rules from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), along with additional training requirements, are causing a shortfall in available…

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Start Flight Lessons Today

If you have ever had the dream of learning to fly, but haven’t really considered taking lessons for any reason, today is the day you should start. As long as you have the passion for flight and the determination to go through training, you can become a pilot. What Are The Requirements To Start Flight…

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