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CTI PFT Millington featured in Memphis Business Journal!

The Millington location of CTI Professional Flight Training, located just 20 miles north of downtown Memphis, Tennessee, was recently featured in the Memphis Business Journal.  Check out the full article here.

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New Millington satellite of CTI Professional Flight Training receives FAA Part 141 Approval

The FAA has just granted approval for CTI Professional Flight Training’s Millington, Tennessee satellite to join its Fort Lauderdale, Florida partner in offering a structured Part 141 flight training

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Flight Instructor instrument rating

Free Pilot School for Four Cancer Survivors

Recently Summit Aviation, a full service aviation center in Delaware, partnered with Eagle Mount to provide four young cancer survivors with a free week of pilot school. Ashley Thostenson, Cassie King, Jason Epp, and Morgan Johnson all between the ages of 18-26 were all smiles after a 90 minute flight in the sky with each…

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FAA Is Considering A Change To Pilot Training Rules

Commercial pilots have a lot of responsibility placed in their hands in the form of people’s lives. The Federal Aviation Administration enacted a rule last year that required prospective commercial pilots to log 1,500 hours of time in the air. This new rule came into effect as a response to grieving families who lost loved…

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Amelia Rose Earhart Completes a Round-the-World Flight

Amelia Rose is a 31-year-old pilot from California who shares the same strength and passion as her namesake. It is simply a coincidence that Amelia Rose discovered a passion for flying, as her parents were not aviation buffs. Along with completing Amelia Earhart’s same route, Amelia Rose has started the Fly With Amelia Foundation so…

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NTSB Says Inadequate Flight Training Resulted In Asiana Flight 214 Crash

Flying is a great responsibility especially when the lives of passengers are at stake. Asiana Flight 214 went down last year resulting in the deaths of three passengers. The National Transportation Safety Board is saying that too much reliance was placed on automated systems and improper pilot training was the cause of the crash. Read more…

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Educational Apps Available for Student Pilots

Aviation companies are looking out for student pilots by offering educational apps to help sharpen their skills. One example is Sporty’s FAR/AIM that is offered for $9.99 on iTunes. This app allows student pilots to highlight and bookmark passages ranging from federal aviation regulations to the Aeronautical Information Manual.

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Multi Engine Plane

Airbus Makes a Shift in Training

Airbus is making a shift in their pilot-training policies by putting a bigger emphasis on manual flying skills. Airbus has decided to propose the change of putting manual flying earlier in the curriculum to avoid pilots heavily relying on automation. This shift in training began after the 2009 crash of an Air France A330 when the…

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AOPA Flight Training Poll

AOPA is conducting a flight training poll and asking pilots and students to share their feedback on their flight training experiences. Top schools will be recognized and all schools will be provided with feedback to help improve training. Pilots and student pilots have until August 23 to take the poll.

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