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Airlines To Put Pilots in a “Spin” in New Training Initiative

The latest trend in training pilots to fly commercial jets features the practicing of extreme maneuvers in small, propeller-powered aircraft. Using a technique that was unheard of until very recently, many carriers such as Delta and South African Airways are sending their most experienced flight instructors back to flight school to learn how to recognize…

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Groups Requesting That Congress Protect Veterans’ Flight Training

Today’s latest aviation news shows that Congress may pass a law that would curtail funding for flight training for veterans. Seven aviation associations, including AOPA (Aircraft Owners And Pilots Association), have sent a joint letter to Congress requesting for them to put a stop to legislation from cutting down funding for flight training for veterans.…

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Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Course in a New Aerobatic Biplane

CTI Professional Flight Training has just become the first US flight school to use the WACO Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 aircraft to perform upset prevention and recovery training.  Using an aerobatic aircraft to learn stalls and spins makes the pilot more familiar with these maneuvers—and how to handle them—when the plane loses control unexpectedly. “In the past,…

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Flight Training Financing

As many who dream of becoming a pilot are aware, ways to finance your flight school dreams are few and far between. However, there’s good news on the way: just this morning, AOPA announced a new program being offered through its financing counterpart, AOPA Aviation Finance Co. This unique program offers flight training financing up to…

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Demand For Pilots on the Rise In Florida

There has been quite a surge in the need for pilots, especially in South Florida due to the ideal year-round weather. It’s anticipated that over 30,000 pilots will retire within the next 6 years, mainly due to the mandatory retirement age of 65 for pilots. The shortage of pilots is especially dire for regional airlines…

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Multi Engine Plane

Carpooling may soon be available for air travel

A Florida pilot has introduced an interesting twist to the thought of carpooling, as he is now taking it to the friendly skies. If you have any travel plans and want to maybe avoid some of the minor time intensive process, you will be able to log into the app and search for pilots that…

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CTI PFT Flight School

Pilot Encouraging More Women To Become Pilots Through Solo Round-The-World Trip

Male pilots have always outnumbered female pilots but the numbers are truly staggering if you look at them. There are 3500 pilots that fly for British Airways and over 94% of them are men. That’s only 200 female pilots employed by British Airways and shockingly, this is the most out of any other British Airline.…

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The Big Aviation Boom In China

China has developed as a nation at an astounding rate over the past three decades. Economic growth and industrialization is at a high and there are now more opportunities for Chinese citizens than ever before. China is one of the major powers of the world with the fastest growing and now second largest economy by GDP.…

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FAA Relaxes Regulations for Air Ambulances

The FAA has loosened regulations for ambulance helicopter pilots. These changes will allow air ambulances to fly in weather conditions not otherwise permitted for aircrafts. In instances where weather reports are not available, air ambulance helicopters will be able to fly as long as long as the pilot ensures certain visibility requirements are met.

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