China has developed as a nation at an astounding rate over the past three decades. Economic growth and industrialization is at a high and there are now more opportunities for Chinese citizens than ever before. China is one of the major powers of the world with the fastest growing and now second largest economy by GDP. China is the world’s largest when it comes to manufacturing, trading, and exporting with the Chinese consumer market growing faster than any other. China is the world’s largest automotive market as car deliveries to the country are rising significantly every year. With all this growth, it is no surprise that the Chinese aviation industry is poised for major expansion.

Pilots Wanted In China

PilotAccording to China Daily, the Chinese aviation authority needs to train approximately 500,000 pilots within the next 20 years. The need for so many pilots comes as a result of the decision that made that allows private planes to fly below a thousand meters without approval from the military. Since the decision, over 200 firms have applied for general aviation licenses and wealthy Chinese citizens have expressed interest in flight training.

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