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Fleet Feature: Beechcraft Duchess

Beechcraft Duchess

Beechcraft Duchess How many of you have flown our Beechcraft Duchess? Based at our Florida flight school, and larger than our other planes, the Duchess is an incredible aircraft. Our students fly her as part of their commercial multi-engine license or multi-engine add-on training – and you can too! The Beechcraft Model 76 Duchess is…

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Fleet Feature: WACO Great Lakes 2T-1A-2

WACO Great Lakes

WACO Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 A flight in our WACO Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 takes you back to the golden days of aviation! Imagine riding in this open-cockpit, aerobatic biplane, with the wind whipping through your hair and turning some somersaults (if you dare!). Well, head along to our Tennessee flight school and you could be doing…

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Fleet Feature: The Piper Arrow

Piper Arrow

The Piper Arrow Learn to fly at our Florida flight school, and you could take to the skies in a Piper Arrow!  This single engine complex aircraft really is one of a kind, and we use it when training students for their commercial single engine license. The Piper Arrow is the perfect model for preparing…

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Fleet Feature: Diamond DA42 NG

Diamond DA42 NG

The Diamond DA42 NG If you’re completing your commercial multi-engine license or your multi-engine add-on at CTI PFT, you’ll get the pleasure of flying our Diamond DA42 NG.  This fantastic aircraft is a popular choice for flight schools and owners alike, and you’ll find it at both our Tennessee and Florida campuses. The Diamond DA42…

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Fleet Feature: The Redbird FMX


The Redbird FMX Ever wondered how CTI students prepare for their first flight in the air?  Chances are they’ve already had quite a bit of practice in a Redbird FMX – without even leaving the hangar! The Redbird FMX is an essential part of any pilot’s training at our Millington flight school.  This full motion…

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