Piper Arrow

The Piper Arrow

Learn to fly at our Florida flight school, and you could take to the skies in a Piper Arrow!  This single engine complex aircraft really is one of a kind, and we use it when training students for their commercial single engine license.

The Piper Arrow is the perfect model for preparing students for more complex aircraft, making an ideal transition from the Diamond DA20 C1 Eclipse.  Contrary to this primary trainer, the Piper Arrow has retractable landing gear and a controllable-pitch propeller and is designed to guide students through mastering these features.

What makes the Arrow particularly unique is its automatic landing gear, which is incredibly useful if you’ve never flown a retractable plane before.  This ingenious system means that it’s virtually impossible to land the aircraft with the wheels up because it automatically lowers them when airspeed and power drop below a certain level.  The automatic gear also prevents the pilot from retracting the wheels after take-off before the aircraft’s reached a safe climb speed.

This superb feature is probably why the Piper Arrow has been such a popular model for so long.  Following a number of preceding models, Piper created its first Arrow in 1967, and we still love its successors fifty years on!  During that time, the model has been refined to increase comfort and performance.  Today’s Piper Arrow has a larger wingspan, larger tanks, and a larger stabilator.  It also features a more luxurious, comfortable, leather interior.

Key stats

Length: 24.7 ft

Wingspan: 35.4 ft

Height: 7.9 ft

Gross Weight: 1,798 lbs

Propellers: McCauley 2 Blade Constant Speed


Cruise speed at 75% power: 234 km/h

Range with 45-min reserve: 1,630km

Maximum approved altitude: 16,200 ft

The Piper Arrow also comes with a Garmin G500 Avionics Suite.  It comfortably seats four, giving you the experience of flying with passengers, after you’ve got used to the two-seater Diamond DA20!  Our Piper Arrow is also finished in blue and white (like our flight school colors!).

So if you could see yourself soaring through the bright blue, Florida skies, we can make that happen for you!  Find out more about our commercial single engine license training, and you could be flying the Piper Arrow sooner than you think.

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