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The end of the Airbus A380?

The end of the Airbus A380

Could this be the end of the Airbus A380? News emerged this week that could suggest the end of the Airbus A380! Does this really mean ‘curtains’ for the largest passenger jet in the world? The background The Airbus A380 – aka the “Superjumbo” – first came into service in 2007. Manufactured by European firm…

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Virgin America faces retirement in 2019

Virgin America

Will this be the end of Virgin America? This week brought news that passengers will lose a distinctive name in domestic air travel – Virgin America. Known for its stylish, eye-catching brand, Virgin America dates back to  2007 when the Virgin Group, owned by British billionaire Sir Richard Branson, created it. However, since June last…

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The Delta outage: the chaotic impact

Delta outage

The Delta Outage – August 2016 If you’re training to become a commercial pilot at our flight schools in Florida  and Tennessee,  you’ll soon learn about the delicate art of flight schedules – and what happens if they don’t go to plan!  Last week’s Delta outage was a case in point… Delta Air Lines hit the…

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The Top 10 North American airlines to work for

Top 10 airlines to work for

Earning your pilot’s license at CTI PFT opens a number of career doors, with many students going on to become commercial airline pilots.  If you too want to follow that path, check out this list of the top 10 airlines to work for first!  Calculated by Investopedia, this list ranks North American airlines based on…

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