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Tips for Safe Winter Flights

Although your preflight might not be the most comfortable experience, many pilots enjoy Winter flying knowing they’ll avoid the warm weather hazard of thunderstorms.  The cold air also allows for increased visibility which enhances your flight experience. Another factor is the cold air which is denser and allows your plane engine to produce more thrust…

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Top tips for flying safely in summer

Keep flying safely in summer with our top tips! With the mercury at its peak, there’s no better time to brush up on our top tips for flying safely in summer! Remember fuel expands in heat The higher the temperatures go, the more likely your fuel is to expand. This may mean that your fuel…

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2017: Aviation’s safest year yet

aviation's safest year

Why was 2017 aviation’s safest year? If you missed the news at the end of last year, you might not know that 2017 was aviation’s safest year yet. The statistics are unbelievable (and extremely positive), with over 4 billion passengers flying worldwide on 38 million flights, yet there wasn’t one single fatality on one of…

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Winter flying tips to keep you safe this season

Winter flying tips

Stay safe with our top winter flying tips! As the mercury dips, remind yourself of best practice for this time of year with our top winter flying tips! If you’re learning at our  Florida or Tennessee flight schools, snow and ice might not top your list of worries. However, on the occasion you do find yourself facing wintry weather,…

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CTI to host the 1st Annual Mid-South Safety Summit

Mid-South Safety Summit

The 1st Annual Mid-South Safety Summit: 7 October 2017 Join us between 10 am and 3 pm on October 7 for the 1st Annual Mid-South Safety Summit! Presented by air ambulance company Hospital Wing, and hosted by us at Millington Regional Jetport, this valuable day offers a variety of lectures and events to build your…

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