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Become a Commercial Pilot at CTI

Congratulations! You have decided a career as a commercial pilot is the life for you. You’ve taken action and joined one of the best flight training programs in the nation. You’re probably both excited and anxious. Don’t worry. The shorta of commercial airline pilots continues. CTI’s Professional Flight Training will get you in the captain’s…

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2017: Aviation’s safest year yet

aviation's safest year

Why was 2017 aviation’s safest year? If you missed the news at the end of last year, you might not know that 2017 was aviation’s safest year yet. The statistics are unbelievable (and extremely positive), with over 4 billion passengers flying worldwide on 38 million flights, yet there wasn’t one single fatality on one of…

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7 Reasons to Become a Commercial Pilot

become a commercial pilot

Wondering why you should become a commercial pilot? As you know, at CTI Professional Flight Training, we can help you achieve your flying ambitions if you want to become a commercial pilot. But why should you join this fantastic profession? No day is the same! There aren’t many jobs where you can guarantee avoiding that…

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