Why You Should Consider Getting a Commercial Pilots License

CTI Professional Flight Training is proud to have launched the careers of hundreds of commercial pilots over the years. But before you commit to the process, you might wonder why so many commercial pilots love what they do every day. Here’s our list of why you should consider getting your commercial pilot’s license. 

Every Day is Different 

For many of us, doing the same thing every day is intolerable. We need variety to keep our interest. As a commercial pilot, you’ll work a variety of schedules and no two days will be alike. You’ll get to experience new places, new routes, new people, and new challenges. You can’t get that in an office. 

Get Paid to Travel 

For a lot of people seeing the world is just a dream. They don’t have time, the money, or sometimes both. When you’re a commercial pilot, you get paid to see the world. You’ll experience new cities, countries, and cultures. Being a pilot expands your horizons and leaves you with a lifetime of amazing experiences to reflect back on. 

Friends and Family Perks 

Most commercial pilots get incredible discounts for friends and family. Sometimes they can even fly free. Giving the gift of world travel is pretty hard to beat. 

Great Job Security

Pilots are in high demand, with figures suggesting a need for 617,000 new commercial pilots by 2036. This means greater job security for you if you become a commercial pilot, as many airlines compete for your service. 

Grow Throughout Your Career

After you’ve received your commercial pilot’s license you’ve only just begun. Your career will offer progression through many different levels. You can become a pilot ground trainer and eventually manage an entire fleet. Each new level brings its own degree of learning that will keep you challenged and engaged throughout your entire career. 

Extended Time Off 

When commercial pilots work, they work hard. This is why they’re usually entitled to 1-2 weeks off per month. There aren’t many careers that afford you this much free time to spend with friends, family, or hobbies on a regular basis. Oh, and you never need to worry about bringing your work home with you. 

If you’re ready to take that step and become a commercial pilot, we’ve got the training for you. Available at both our Florida and Tennessee campuses, we’ll teach you all you need to know for this incredible career. So why not get started today?

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