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How Pilot Pay Works

If you’re considering a career as a pilot you might be wondering how getting paid works.  The way pilots get paid varies on a lot of factors. Some pay structures are simple, while others are complex. Things that determine how you get paid include the type of operation you work for, the equipment you fly,…

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Art at the Airport

If you’re thinking about seeing some great contemporary art one way to do it is from buying an airline ticket.  Over the past decade, airports have been investing heavily in art.  Part of their effort is to transform the often stressful experience of airports into interesting rest stops. Many terminals across the country have gone…

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Is There Really a Pilot Shortage?

You’ve may have read on this blog and across other outlets that there is a global pilot shortage. The reason you keep coming across these articles is because it’s a reality, and especially in business aviation. This is a topic worth revisiting and understanding, especially if you’re thinking about starting a career in aviation. Having…

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