How to Become a Commercial Airline Pilot

Flying a jumbo jet at 30,000 ft. with hundreds of passengers is quite the responsibility. No two flights are the same as the weather is always changing. Preparing for a passenger airline captain’s chair requires thousands of hours of practice and dedication. But when you succeed, it’s one of the most rewarding and well-paying careers out there.

Flight School

There are two paths to get the training and licenses necessary to become a commercial airline pilot – civilian flight school or the military. Each path typically requires a bachelor’s degree first – although it can be in any field of study. It’s wise to study math, science, and communication to help round out your skills that pay off as a commercial pilot.

Civilian Flight School

It will take at least two years of training in civilian flight school to become a commercial airline pilot. You’ll first need to earn a private pilot certificate. This will require you to pass a medical exam, written exam, and log at least 40 hours of flight time. During this time, you’ll be learning the basics of flying a single-engine plane.

Instrument Rating

After getting your private pilot’s license you’ll start working on your instrument rating. An instrument rating will allow you to fly in low-visibility conditions. You’ll also be working on your multi-engine rating so you can fly larger aircraft. After completing at least 250 hours of light time, you’ll be eligible to earn a commercial pilot license. Once eligible, you may pursue your multi-engine, single-engine, and instrument flight instructor certificates if you wish to.

Aviation Academy

Aviation academies are a great way for students to gain their pilot certificates and knowledge base in a short time. These programs train pilots with condensed coursework and intense airline-oriented training. Many times, an aviation academy will partner with airlines to offer guaranteed job interviews to graduates.

Ready to Start You Journey to become an Airline Pilot?

CTI Professional Flight Training Academy is an FAA Part 141 approved flight academy that will get you set up for a successful career in aviationGet your training with us at either of our two campuses. With the demand for pilots continuing to rise a career in the skies is a great choice.

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