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ATP Certificate

If you’re considering a career as a commercial pilot you will be required to have an airline transport pilot certificate (ATP). An ATP certificate is now a must for anyone planning to fly for a scheduled airline or as a charter captain. That pretty much covers all professional pilots. Why the Change? Previously, all ATPs…

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Flying in Winter: Our Top Tips

Flying in winter

8 ways to stay safe when flying in winter Flying in winter takes a little more thought and preparation than it does the rest of the year round – particularly if you want to avoid delays, malfunctions, or even worse.  Follow our top tips to keep you in the air all winter through! Read up…

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Heroes in flight: Dutch Kindelberger

Dutch Kindelberger - Heros in flight

At CTI Professional Flight Training, we want to celebrate the pioneers of aviation who inspire our staff and our students. One such pioneer is James H. “Dutch” Kindelberger, who not only chaired North American Aviation Inc. during some of its most exciting years, but also started out working as a flight instructor in Millington, TN!…

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Demand For Pilots on the Rise In Florida

There has been quite a surge in the need for pilots, especially in South Florida due to the ideal year-round weather. It’s anticipated that over 30,000 pilots will retire within the next 6 years, mainly due to the mandatory retirement age of 65 for pilots. The shortage of pilots is especially dire for regional airlines…

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The Big Aviation Boom In China

China has developed as a nation at an astounding rate over the past three decades. Economic growth and industrialization is at a high and there are now more opportunities for Chinese citizens than ever before. China is one of the major powers of the world with the fastest growing and now second largest economy by GDP.…

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