Are thinking about getting your pilot’s license? Whether you’re considering pursuing a career as a commercial pilot or just want to fly for recreation both paths have the same starting point for the most part. In this article, we’ll cover the basic information you should be aware of if you’re considering getting your pilot’s license.

How Many Hours of Flying Time to Complete Flight School?

The average pilot needs between 55 and 60 hours of training to graduate flight school and earn a private pilot certificate. Depending on the amount of time you can dedicate, becoming a certified pilot can take anywhere from a few weeks to two years. How fast you complete your flight school training is dependent on you and your schedule flexibility.

What are the Four Class Ratings for Private Pilot Certificates?

There are different types of private licenses issued for the major aircraft categories. The structure of aircraft categories are as follows:

  • Single-engine land airplane
  • Single-engine sea airplane
  • Multi-engine land airplane
  • Multi-engine sea airplane

Why is the United States Considered the Best Place to Learn to Fly?

With over 220,000 active aircraft, including turbojets, amateur-built aircraft, and other general aviation planes, the U.S. has the largest and most diverse aviation community worldwide. Combine that with the most highly-regarded aviation agencies, like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation, it’s also the safest country in the world to fly.

Join An Elite Club

Once you get your pilot’s license you join a very small and elite club. Only 6% of the world’s population has ever been on an aircraft, much less flown one. As developing countries strengthen their economies more people will experience air travel. Once you begin your journey to getting your pilot’s license the chances of you achieving your goal is nearly 100% if you’re in good health.

A Job that’s not a “Job”

Pilots have a well-known outlook that flying is more of a lifestyle than a job. When it comes to careers there aren’t many if any that will allow you to travel the world like being a pilot does. The demand for professional pilots is stronger than ever and the trend is expected to continue for the next decade. There’s never been a better time than now to become a professional pilot.

Never Stop Learning

After getting your pilot certificate there’s still a lot more to learn. There are a lot of different instrument ratings you can get that will free restrictions on when and how you fly. 

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