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What is A Discovery Flight?

A discovery flight is also referred to as an introductory flight. The purpose is to give you the experience of what flying is like. If you’re wondering if you should get a private pilot’s license booking a discovery flight is the first step to testing that idea. You’ll learn what it’s like to fly and…

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Enter to win a free Discovery Flight!

Free Discovery Flight

Win a free Discovery Flight in our Essay Competition If there’s one thing better than a Discovery Flight, it’s a free Discovery Flight! What’s more,  we’re giving you a rare chance to win one in our unmissable essay competition! If you’re a Senior in High School, a College Student or a young professional who is…

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Take off with a Biplane Discovery Flight

Biplane Discovery Flight

Could a Biplane Discovery Flight be for you? If you want to experience the thrill of the skies on an aerobatic adventure, a Biplane Discovery Flight could be just what you’re looking for! At CTI Professional Flight Training, we offer Discovery Flights for those who are hungry for their first taste of aviation. And, if…

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5 reasons to book a Discovery Flight at CTI

Discovery Flight at CTI

So why should you book your Discovery Flight at CTI? A Discovery Flight at CTI is by far the best way to see if a future in flight is for you – and here’s why! One-to-one tuition with a fully qualified instructor When you climb inside the cockpit on one of our Discovery Flights, you’ll…

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Your Discovery Flight at CTI Professional Flight Training

Discovery flight at cti

Is it time for your discovery flight at CTI Professional Flight Training? If you’ve never flown before, but you think you’re ready to get in the cockpit, it’s time to book a discovery flight at CTI Professional Flight Training! What is a discovery flight? A discovery flight gives you a taste of being up in…

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