Discovery Flight at CTI

So why should you book your Discovery Flight at CTI?

A Discovery Flight at CTI is by far the best way to see if a future in flight is for you – and here’s why!

  1. One-to-one tuition with a fully qualified instructor

When you climb inside the cockpit on one of our Discovery Flights, you’ll find yourself sitting next to one of our friendly, supportive and highly qualified instructors. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the aircraft, what it’s like to learn to fly and what you can look forward to after qualifying. What’s more, all our instructors are FAA certified – so you’ll be in the safest of hands!

  1. A chance to fly in our state-of-the-art aircraft

Unlike some flight schools, our students learn to fly in a cutting-edge fleet, featuring the very latest in comfort and technology. And you’ll get to experience it yourself as you take the skies on your Discovery Flight at CTI. You may find yourself in our DA20 (our most popular flyer), our DA42, or even our WACO Great Lakes for a real blast from the past!

  1. An opportunity to learn the basics of aviation

A Discovery Flight at CTI isn’t just about seeing the world from above. You’ll enjoy a taste of what it’s like to learn to fly – from learning about pre-flight planning to taking the controls yourself. This gives you a great insight into the world of an aviator.

  1. Get a head for heights

If you’ve never flown before, now’s the time to experience the thrill of it! From take-off to landing, a Discovery Flight at CTI is the perfect opportunity to see whether flying is for you (no doubt giving you the bug to get back in the skies again!).

  1. Log your first 50 minutes of flight time

Yes, that’s right! It’s not just the instructor who does all the work on your Discovery Flight. Once you’re in the air, you’ll get the chance to take the controls yourself, getting “hands-on” flight time you can put towards your training if you do decide to learn with us. And don’t worry – your instructor will guide you every step of the way, giving you the chance to enjoy the experience and savor every moment!

So how can you refuse? Your Discovery Flight at CTI is waiting – all you have to do is just request one online today! Or why not register with us to be in with a chance of a FREE Discovery Flight? We choose a winner every two months – so next time, it could be you!

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