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ATP Certificate

If you’re considering a career as a commercial pilot you will be required to have an airline transport pilot certificate (ATP). An ATP certificate is now a must for anyone planning to fly for a scheduled airline or as a charter captain. That pretty much covers all professional pilots. Why the Change? Previously, all ATPs…

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Going Beyond the Private Pilot’s License

You have your private pilot’s license allowing you to carry friends and family over scenic landscapes. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to do, but that doesn’t have to be your stopping point. There are many additional certificates and ratings you can add to your knowledge base. Even if you don’t pursue a career…

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How to become a commercial pilot

how to become a commercial pilot

How to become a commercial pilot in 9 steps Some people merely dream about it, but do you know how to become a commercial pilot? The road to qualification has some steps, but at CTI Professional Flight Training, we’ll guide you along the whole path to your dream career! Step 1: Earn your Private Pilot’s…

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The world’s longest non-stop flight lands in New York

the world's longest non-stop flight

The world’s longest non-stop flight took to the air this week Did you know the world’s longest non-stop flight took to the skies this week? Departing from Singapore on Thursday 11 October, and landing at Newark on Friday 12 October, the mammoth 16,700km trip made headlines around the world. The Singapore Airlines flight is, in…

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The Envoy Cadet Program at CTI Professional Flight Training

Envoy Cadet Program

Have you heard about the Envoy Cadet Program? If you’re ready to begin your career in aviation and are considering your training options, you’ve got to hear about the Envoy Cadet Program! This fantastic new program from airline company Envoy will have you well on your way to a successful career as a commercial pilot…

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