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Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-In and Expo

Sun ‘n Fun in Lakeland, Florida is one of the largest and most popular Spring events for the aviation world. For several years it’s been described as the “Spring break for pilots.” With around 500 exhibitors, daily airshows, thousands of airplanes and pilots, and onsite camping it’s every aviators dream week. The event runs from…

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Why Pilots Have the World’s Best Job

Have you ever wondered what a career as a pilot would be like? Have you ever thought about what the process of becoming a pilot looks like? According to research by Boeing, the world will need an additional 637,000 pilots by 2036. With such a promising demand, job security looks pretty good. But aside from…

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The World’s Most Scenic Flights

Whether you’re sitting in the captain’s chair because you’re a professional pilot or in the passenger’s chair, no vantage point compares to the views seen from an airplane. Nothing gives you perspective and appreciation for the Earth’s beauty like the view from the skies. We’re going to look at some of the world’s most scenic…

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Become a Commercial Pilot at CTI

Congratulations! You have decided a career as a commercial pilot is the life for you. You’ve taken action and joined one of the best flight training programs in the nation. You’re probably both excited and anxious. Don’t worry. The shorta of commercial airline pilots continues. CTI’s Professional Flight Training will get you in the captain’s…

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5 reasons to become a flight instructor

reasons to become a flight instructor

Check out our top reasons to become a flight instructor! So you want a career in aviation, but have you considered the reasons to become a flight instructor yet? This fantastic role brings a whole range of benefits – check them out below! You get paid to fly! Is there anything better than that? One…

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