Envoy: Go from the Classroom to the Cockpit

Want to streamline your path from the classroom to the cockpit? CTI has teamed up with Envoy and their cadet program. Envoy is part of American Airlines. It’s a pilot pipeline program to help future pilots make a smooth transition from the classroom to the cockpit.

What does the Envoy Cadet Program Do?

When you join the Envoy Cadet Program, you put yourself in a direct path to a long-term career as a commercial airline pilot with American Airlines – the largest airline in the world. The Envoy Cadet Program eases the financial burden faced by young aspiring pilots wanting to pursue a career in aviation while connecting Envoy with some of the nation’s best young talent.

The program offers various levels of support as your training and experience evolve, including up to $16,000 in tuition reimbursement. Mentorships and internships with airline industry experts can begin as early as your freshman year.

Envoy Partnerships

More than 40 leading universities and flight schools have partnered with Envoy’s pipeline programs, including CTI. Envoy has a firm commitment from American Airlines to operate 40 new Embraer 175 (E175) regional jets on their behalf, with options for up to 90 more. This offers aspiring pilots a fast track path from First Officer to Captain.

Envoy’s Outlook

Envoy is currently hiring more than 30 pilots per month. New hire pilots are projected to upgrade to Captain in just two and a half years and make their way to American Airlines in just over five years, with no additional interview required. Nearly 70 percent of American Airline new hires since 2013 came from Envoy.

Become an American Eagle Airline Pilot

After you reach 1,500 hours of total flight time, you will attend the ATP CTP course paid for by Envoy Aire (valued at $5,000). After completing the course, you’ll be scheduled for the next available new hire class at Envoy. Upon your completion of training as an Envoy First Officer, you’ll receive a $10,000 signing bonus followed by an additional $8,000 signing bonus when you complete your first year.

Fast Track to American Airlines

Once you become an Envoy first officer you’ll begin the fast track path to American Airlines. You’ll be a part of the flow-through agreement between American Airlines and Envoy, allowing you to fly for the major airline after just five years at Envoy.

Ready to Team up With Envoy and CTI?

Learn more about the Envoy Program, and come visit our Florida campus or Tennessee campus. You can request a tour and see all that CTI has to offer our students.

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