Business Jets to Watch in 2022

Aviation is roaring back to life in 2022! While the world of business jets wasn’t impacted nearly as harshly as the airline industry by the coronavirus pandemic, worldwide travel has been in a slump—until now. With countries opening their borders and people and businesses ready to jet across the globe, business aviation is sure to…

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Why people love the ERJ 170

Fast becoming one of the most popular choices by regional carriers and passengers alike, the Embraer 170 series offers a number of advantages to the airlines and their passengers. Embraer offers a versatile jet with the capability to do both short hops and long flights. It’s the perfect balance between passenger comfort, efficiency, and reliability.…

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Charter Company

white airliner on gray pavement

There’s nothing more luxurious than treating yourself to a trip in a chartered plane. Going from point A to B in style is a magnificent experience—but not all charter companies are the same. It’s important to carefully consider your choices before you settle on a charter company. Reputation, safety record, and customer reviews are all…

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America’s Coolest Airports

white biplane

Do you love gazing through the window at the scenery on final descent? Looking to visit an airport with more than just a food court and a long line at the coffee shop? Try booking a flight with a layover at some of the coolest airports in America! From scenic views in-flight to an exciting…

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Graduate Level Aviation Degrees

Like any field, aviation is constantly evolving and changing—there’s no better way to stay knowledgeable and continue expanding your expertise than working on a graduate-level degree in the aviation field. There are endless options available, from online programs tailored to professional pilots to fast-paced, in-person degrees—whatever type of education you’re seeking, no doubt there is…

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