Business Jets to Watch in 2022

Aviation is roaring back to life in 2022! While the world of business jets wasn’t impacted nearly as harshly as the airline industry by the coronavirus pandemic, worldwide travel has been in a slump—until now. With countries opening their borders and people and businesses ready to jet across the globe, business aviation is sure to see a massive uptick in the coming months and years. An increased demand means a rise in popularity of some familiar brand names, and maybe some new models as well. Without a doubt, several newer models of aircraft are bound for a takeoff in both sales and popularity in the year ahead. Here are our picks for the business jets to watch in 2022!

Pilatus PC-24 Jet

While it’s not a new model, the PC-24 Jet by Pilatus continues to pick up speed in the market, and it’s fast becoming one of the top choices for jet ownership worldwide. The Switzerland-based company has long been a favorite since the release of its beloved single-engine turboprop, the PC-12, in the 1990s. Since 2018, pilots and customers have sought the PC-24 for the same reasons they love the PC-12—comfort, reliability, and efficient design. Without a doubt, the PC-24 promises to continue turning heads in 2022!

Gulfstream 800

The newest jet by Gulfstream is one of the most highly anticipated aircraft on our list—the Gulfstream 800 is the ultimate combination of the qualities that people love about the brand. With a range of around 8,000 miles at top speeds, virtually no destination is unreachable in this magnificent aircraft. With the longest range in the world, plus a luxurious cabin, this jet from the Savannah-based company is set for an excellent showing in the months ahead. 

Global 7500

Nearing the same range as the newest Gulfstream with all the same luxurious benefits, the Global 7500 has been a fierce competitor in the large cabin category since 2018. With stunning suite and seating configurations, efficient engineering, and a sleek design, the Global 7500 promises to continue holding its corner on the market into 2022. 

Cirrus G2+ Vision Jet

Since 2016, Cirrus has changed the face of the business jet industry with the small (but powerful) Vision Jet, a mighty single-engine jet that efficiently streamlines the benefits of a jet into a single-engine-sized plane. The newest model, the G2+, improves upon the award-winning designs of its predecessors, with some excellent enhancements, such as onboard Wi-Fi. Versatility and efficiency combined, the newest Vision Jet has a bright future in 2022! 

Falcon 8X

In its sixth year of production, the Falcon 8X is already a favorite among long range private jets. Like the Falcon 7X before it, the 8X combines top speeds and long range with a stunning cabin configuration, making it another player in the large cabin private jet sector. With its popularity increasing each year, the Falcon 8X is bound for another round of success in 2022. 

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