Why people love the ERJ 170

Fast becoming one of the most popular choices by regional carriers and passengers alike, the Embraer 170 series offers a number of advantages to the airlines and their passengers. Embraer offers a versatile jet with the capability to do both short hops and long flights. It’s the perfect balance between passenger comfort, efficiency, and reliability. With a design constructed with passengers and crew in mind, the ERJ 170 is an excellent choice for destinations near and far! 

All about the ERJ 170

The ERJ 170 series encompasses the varying designs of regional jets by Embraer, including the 170 and 175. A typical ERJ 170 or ERJ 175 seats between 75 and 80 passengers depending on the model, and it’s usually configured into a two-class cabin. It requires two copilots and two flight attendants. Regional carriers in the United States boast the largest fleets of both the E170 and E175, namely Republic Airlines and Skywest Airlines. Both operate the aircraft under United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines, and the latter additionally flies the jet for Alaska Airlines. You’ll also frequently see the 170 or 175 operated by Envoy Airlines for American Airlines or Mesa Airlines for United Airlines. The jets are popular with carriers around the world as well, holding a place in the fleets of major carriers like Air Canada, Aero Mexico, and several European and Asian carriers. The ERJ 190, which is very similar in design, remains popular as well, operated most notably in North America by JetBlue and the new Breeze Airways. 


A major advantage of the ERJ 170 series is the diversity in its operational functions. From short hops in the Midwest to longer legs across the country, the aircraft can comfortably complete both functions, making it the perfect choice for regional carriers. For example, it is capable of a range over 2,000 miles, and can fly from California to destinations in the Midwest, from the East Coast to hubs like Denver and Salt Lake City, or from major US hubs to destinations in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The smaller seating capacity also makes it an excellent choice for shorter routes requiring less capacity, too. 

Design and Efficiency

The E170 family of jets is relatively younger compared to competitive regional jet models, having been produced largely in the last decade or two. As a result, it employs all the technological advances that a modern aircraft needs in terms of efficiency, safety, and convenience. It’s able to fly at altitudes well above 30,000 feet with maximum passengers loaded, plus takeoff and land on relatively short runways. The aircraft’s versatility allows for a variety of routes into different 

Seating Configuration

Unlike competing models, the ERJ 170 series eliminates the dreaded middle seat, making it a comfortable experience for longer flights. Most carriers opt for a spacious first class section as well, which offers a luxurious placement of comfortable and roomy seats. With more leg room than the average regional jet, passengers can comfortably enjoy a flight of any length. 

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