U.S. Pilot Shortage Increases Demand Professional Pilots

There is no better time to become a pilot in the United States than right now. A recent pilot shortage is drastically affecting the airline industry, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. New rest-time rules from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), along with additional training requirements, are causing a shortfall in available pilots.

The FAA now requires a much higher minimum number or hours of flight experience for commercial-airline pilots. This has forced many pilots out of professional piloting as they increase their training and hours to meet this guideline.

Additionally, the number of American pilots is decreasing rapidly due to the aging population. The mandatory retirement age for commercial pilots is 65, which decreases the number of available pilots by thousands each year. The need to replenish these dropping numbers creates a huge need for new, young pilots.

Another factor that has caused such a great need for pilots in the United States is international demand. Many countries are recruiting senior American pilots, and with so many pilots seeking jobs elsewhere, U.S. numbers have taken a hit, and demand has increased for professional pilots.

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