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Things to do in Memphis this Spring

In between learning how to fly and getting one step closer to your pilot’s license, it’s important to take some downtime.  The great news for our Tennessee flight school students is that there are some great things to do in Memphis this Spring! Memphis Redbirds AAA Baseball  From April – August you can join the Memphis Redbird faithful…

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5 Reasons to Learn to Fly at CTI in 2021

Have you always wanted to learn how to fly but were too intimidated by all the rules and regulations of getting started? Or have you tried flying in the past but wish there was a condensed checklist of things to consider when deciding to get your pilot’s license? If so, then this article is for…

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5 Benefits to Marrying a Pilot

You might be wondering what family and marriage life will be like if you are a pilot or marry a pilot. It’s a good question. There are pros and cons to any career path, and both should be considered. In this article, we’re going to focus on the pros, because we like the pilot life.…

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What is it like to be a Commercial Pilot?

Are you thinking about becoming a commercial pilot, but not quite sure what a typical day looks like? As you can imagine the typical day for a commercial airline pilot is much different from most careers. Many of CTI’s students have gone on to enjoy successful careers in the cockpit of commercial airliners. So we…

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Heroes in Flight: Charlie Taylor

There are many heroes that have helped advance aviation throughout the years. World War I saw soldiers in the sky, and advancements including machine guns, bombsights, and ocean-liner-sized dirigibles. World War II saw the dawn of modern jet propulsion and nearly 70 years of technological innovation and advancement. Charlie Taylor is another one of those…

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The Top 5 Most Expensive Planes in the World

What are the most expensive planes being manufactured today? Every one of them costs hundreds of millions of dollars. Can you fly one? Maybe, if you get your commercial pilot’s license and work your way up the ranks you might find yourself behind the wheel of a flying machine that’s worth hundreds of millions of…

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How to Get Your Private Pilot License in 2021

All things indicate that the aviation market is set for a comeback in 2021. People are ready to fly and we now know enough to do it safely.  However, the private flying industry is booming more than ever before and will likely continue. COVID-19 led to a lot of wealthy individuals switching from first-class to…

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2021 Aviation Trends to Watch For

Like many other industries across the economy, the airline industry took a massive hit in 2020 thanks to COVID-19.  We saw massive job cuts and bankruptcies. At the same time, the situation provided some opportunities for new innovations. Tough situations bring out the best problem solvers. Here are some 2021 trends to keep your eye…

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Top 5 Flying Songs of All Time

In recent articles, we covered top aviation books, movies, games, and more. There’s been a lot of great music written over the years with flying themes. Next time you’re on a long flight or drive you can access Pandora’s flying songs and enjoy 100 songs all about aviation – over five hours worth. From that…

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