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How Are Aircraft Painted? Part 1 of 3

Commercial Aircraft Painting Process Explained  Have you ever wondered how airplanes have glossy and crispy exteriors? If you did, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss Aircraft Painting in detail. Are we painting every aircraft on earth? Mmmm, actually no! We have an interesting fact on this; we will reveal…

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Pilatus PC-12 – The Turboprop Version of the Swiss Army Knife

The Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine good-looking turboprop aircraft with diverse capabilities. Let it be a rescue mission into unpaved terrain, an expedited medical evacuation, or a comfy business ride, Pilatus PC-12 reserves its position on the go-to list. Early ages of the Pilatus PC-12Switzerland-based aerospace manufacturing company; Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. manufactures this iconic masterpiece.…

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Painting the Airbus A380: World’s Largest Passenger Aircraft

Wonderful Facts About Painting the ANA A380 Flying Honu We know that an airplane inherits its glossy look thanks to the carefully furnished paint on its exterior. The Airbus A380 painting process is no exception to the usual painting process, but there are some amazing facts about this aircraft. How Many Liters of Paint Do…

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Airports Like No Other – Madeira International Airport

Landing at the Madeira International Airport creates once-in-a-lifetime sceneries for the passengers while making the pilots a little nervous. This airport is not for amateur pilots owing to its peculiar and perilous nature with its strange runways construction. It is time to fascinate you with some breathtaking facts about this airport like no other. Where…

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What is Foreign Object Debris (FOD) in Aviation? Part 2

All You Want to Know About Foreign Object Debris From the first part, we familiarized with FOD, related accidents, and the cost incurred with FOD related accidents. From the second and final part, let us have a look into the ways and means to control FOD in airfields.  FOD Control: Removal and Detection   There…

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What is Foreign Object Debris (FOD) in Aviation? Part 1

All You Want to Know About Foreign Object Debris If you are standing in front of an aircraft with running engines, you are a FOD! Yes, humans can be Foreign Object Debris too. Let us begins the talk on FOD.  Contents: What Are FOD in Aviation? Foreign Object Debris or Damage? Well-Known Foreign Object Damages…

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The Shape That Shapes the Aviation Industry: The Airfoil Shape

Shapes! We have been dealing with a plethora of shapes from our kindergarten to advanced studies. However, there is one shape in the world that shapes the aviation industry to its finest positions. Yes, you guessed it correctly; it is none other than the Airfoil shape. Let us take a deeper dive into the airfoil…

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Airports Like No Other – Gibraltar International Airport

Have you ever imagined driving your car on a runway? If you have, here is your chance!  Gibraltar International airport is well-known for its strange runway arrangement. Pilots all over the globe would love to get the opportunity to land on this weird runway. Here we are going through some breathtaking facts about this airport…

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A World Full of White Birds

Unveiling the Reasons Behind Painting Airplanes in White Here is a quick question, what was the color of the aircraft you last flew? Was it white? From single-engine trainers to multi-engine superjumbos, there is one particular characteristic shared among all: glossy white skin. Have you ever thought about the reason behind those white skins? Here…

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