Post-COVID Era: The Best Time to Become a Pilot?

Do not let your pilot dream despair with the pandemic! 

Here are 5 factors that could create a huge demand for pilots in the post-COVID era: even higher than pre-COVID demand. 

Aviation has been the safest mode of transportation on earth thanks to reliable flying machines and robust safety protocols. According to the data collected in US commercial aviation, it is just 0.07 deaths per one billion passenger miles while this count escalates to 7.28 deaths for traveling by cars. There is no doubt that aviation will be the safest mode of transportation for the coming years as well, but like many other industries in the world, aviation is heavily affected by the pandemic. 

With the vaccine rollout in such a short span of time, many countries reopened their borders for the tourists allowing airlines to schedule flights. Aviation is re-emerging with hope!

Let us take you across some points that will assure your position as a commercial pilot in the post-COVID era. 

• Younger Americans Willing to Start Their Traveling

According to Google, Americans representing the Millenials and Gen-Z generations are eagerly waiting to board their next flights. This 151 million population with an astronomical amount of $350 billion of spending power will contribute significantly to the resurgence of the aviation industry within the United States.

• Expected Pent-Up Demand

Industry experts are expecting a pent-up demand for the VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives) market that could create an uptake in the graph with a possible spike. A reduction of business travelers is foreseen as they are already getting used to running the businesses via video conferencing and other online platforms. The VFR market combined with the leisure travelers will be the forefront key creating traffic. 

• Increased Cargo Operations 

International Air Transport Association-IATA confirmed a continuous growth in air cargo during the pandemic. In the month of May 2021, the air cargo industry received a 9.4% increased demand compared to pre-COVID levels. North American countries contributed significantly to the escalated demand by 21.6%. The Air cargo industry was flourishing with the emergence of E-commerce, and with the pandemic, the demand increased creating opportunities for new cargo airlines to commence operations. 

• Eviction of Professionals from the Industry 

Amidst the pandemic, many pilots lost their jobs and changed their career paths. Additionally, senior pilots applied for their early retirements. It is highly unlikely that they will return to the industry once again and this will create a vacuum allowing more opportunity for young pilots to join the airlines. 

• Flexible Booking Options 

More than 50% of travelers prefer flexible booking options on their next journey. Airlines and travel agents are working hand-in-hand to offer flexible bookings for travelers gaining more trust, which will eventually attract more people into traveling. 

National health authorities in Europe offer a free Digital Green Certificate for travelers who are fully vaccinated, tested negative, or fully recovered from COVID. This digital COVID certificate makes the travel experience seamless. 

Factors like the effectiveness of vaccines to the new virus variants, time taken to achieve Herd immunity, and vaccination in developing nations can have a direct impact on the re-emergence of aviation all over the globe. For the time being, things are quite promising and reassuring for you as a student pilot. Now it is the time to buckle up and get ready to achieve greater heights!

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  1. Royce on October 31, 2021 at 6:46 am

    Seeing that there is @99% chance you will have no adverse health problems if you do not take anything and the covid vaccine scam is killing so many people and causing vascular damage. Does CTI require proof of anything to attend?

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