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Most Common Ways Students Fail a Check Ride

The check ride is the final step to becoming a certified pilot. There’s a lot of pressure and many things to remember going into your check ride. The list of details to study and maneuvers to practice can make your check ride prep feel overwhelming. Mistakes happen when you’re nervous. Knowing the most common reasons…

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What is a Sport Pilot Certificate?

A Sport Pilot Certificate is a great way to get your training started if you’re interested in a pilot’s license. It costs significantly less than other certificates and can get you in the air a lot faster than you imagine. A sport pilot certificate is an affordable first step that brings much of the same…

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Tips on Lowering Airplane Ownership Costs

Owning your own airplane comes with the benefits of flying wherever you want to go and whenever you want to go.  But you’re also responsible for the aircraft’s maintenance. Airplane ownership can seem too costly for most, but there are ways to minimize costs. This article will break down the best practices to keep costs…

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How Airlines are Protecting Travelers During the Coronavirus

Every airline is stepping up precautionary measures as the coronavirus continues to impact the world. Many carriers have temporarily cut flights or suspended routes to heavily affected regions due to a decrease in demand. Airlines are also adopting new measures to help curb the spread of the virus. They’re limiting in-flight services, disinfecting aircraft, wearing…

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5 Affordable Airplanes

How do you like the idea of owning your own airplane? Perhaps you thought it would be too expensive, or only the wealthy owned private planes. The reality is, there are many affordable airplanes on the market. If you find them used, they become even more affordable – as you might imagine. If your dream…

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How Does Autopilot Work?

Autopilot first showed up in the aviation world in 1933 when American aviator Wiley Post became the first person to fly solo around the world. The secret to his success was using a simple autopilot that steered his plane while he rested. Today, autopilot systems are highly sophisticated technology that can perform the same duties…

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Flight School vs. Ground School

If you’re working towards your dream of becoming a future aviator the type of pilot you become will depend on your training. In training, you will gain aeronautical knowledge, master flight maneuvers, and acquire habits that will carry you through your aviation career. Although your flight instruction is foundational to learning to fly, you’ll also…

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How Do Commercial Aircrafts Use Navigation?

Ever wonder how commercial pilots travel thousands of miles so accurately? We’re going to take a look at how commercial aircraft successfully navigate vast distances seamlessly. Commercial aircraft use a number of navigation systems to help guide the aircraft. The systems vary in accuracy, with GPS being the most accurate. But there are a number…

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How to Become a Private Pilot

Are you thinking about pursuing your dream to get a private pilot license? Some people get their private pilot certificate for hobby or sport, while others love the idea of aircraft travel for vacations or visiting family. Some private pilots even use their airplane as a mode of transportation to business meetings or events. For…

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