Benefits of Becoming a Flight Instructor in 2021

Have you been exploring the idea of a career in aviation? Did you know one great career path involves you teaching others to fly? It’s usually not the first thing people think about, but once they understand the benefits and lifestyle, it becomes a popular option for many aspiring aviators. In this article we’ll take a look at why you might want to start your aviation career as a flight instructor. 

Get Paid to Fly 

If you want to get paid to do what you love then becoming a flight instructor might be for you. As a flight instructor you’ll spend every day doing what you love, and collecting a paycheck for it. Not only will you be spending time in the air, but you’ll be continually upgrading your personal knowledge about everything aviation while helping young pilots pursue their dreams. 

Flight instructors are in high demand

During your research you probably found out that commercial pilots are in high demand. The same is true for flight instructors. They kind of go hand in hand. As demand for air travel grows, airlines will need more pilots, and the industry will need more instructors to train those future pilots. If you want a career in aviation without having to travel all the time, then being a flight instructor could be the perfect fit. 

Every Day Brings Something New 

If doing the same thing every day sounds like torture, you’ll be pleased to know that flight instructors are always doing something new. You’ll be continuously meeting new people, whether they’re students or colleagues. Your “office view” is unmatched and always changing. And as a flight instructor you’ll always be engaged and responding to new situations. The bottom line is, you’re never going to get bored with repetition. 

Share Your Passion for Flying 

For many flight instructors the most rewarding part of the job is teaching others about what you love. You’ll be able to encourage your students to face their fears, watch them master new skills, build confidence, and share your love of aviation. When your students achieve their goals and earn their licenses sharing that accomplishment with them is hard to beat. 

An Easy Transition into Commercial Flight 

If you ever wish to change the landscape and start a career as a commercial pilot, the transition is easy. All that time you’ll have spent in the air with your students will contribute towards your flight hours, making it easy to earn your commercial pilot’s license. It also looks good on your resume as someone who understands the fundamentals of flight safety. 

What is next?

If our top reasons to become a flight instructor have got you excited about your prospective career, we can help you get there. At CTI Professional Flight Training, we offer both the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFII) Certificates. Under expert tuition, you’ll learn all you need to become a flight instructor yourself.

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