Get Back to Flying Again

Did you use to fly, take years off, and are itching to get in the cockpit again? It’s never too late to get back into flying. Maybe you originally planned on taking a short break, and it turned into a multi-year break. Life happens. 

There are a lot of reasons people stop flying.  From finances to family reasons, sometimes pilots have to put their flying aside.  In most cases, they intend to return to flying at some point, but the longer a pilot stays out of the loop, the less likely they are to make that comeback.

Don’t forget, your pilot’s license is good for life.  However, if you’ve been out of flying for a while, you likely will have lost your flying privileges.

But don’t worry – what many people don’t realize is that it’s quite easy to get them back. Here’s what you need to get current with so you can take to the skies again. 

A Current Medical Certificate

The FAA requires pilots to update their medical certificate every five years, or every two years once you’re over the age of 40.  It’s easy – just make an appointment with an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), and they’ll take it from there.  You can search for an AME in your area here.

Get a Flight Review

You’ll need to take a flight review if it’s been more than two years since your last one.  You can apply for this at CTI Professional Flight Training.  Under FAA rules, a pilot needs to have at least an hour of ground instruction and an hour of flight instruction before they can be eligible for endorsement.

Tell us about the flying you’ve done in the past, and the flying you want to do in the future. We’ll consider your experience and goals and tailor your review.  If you haven’t flown for a long time, you’ll probably need more than the minimum hour of instruction prescribed, and we can advise you on this.

Most important is making sure you’re up to date on any new developments since you’ve last flown.

That’s about it. Once you have your updated medical certificate and you’ve completed a flight review, you’ll be ready for take-off. 

Get started now at CTI Professional Flight Training

If you’re ready to get back into flying, we’re ready to help you!  Feel free to visit us for a tour of our Tennessee or Florida campuses, where we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

You can also get in touch to find out more, or apply for your flight review now.  We’re looking forward to getting you back in the cockpit!

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