What to Do in Memphis this Summer

If you’re learning to fly at our Tennessee flight school, you’re probably looking for things to do in Memphis this summer. Luckily, 2021 is looking much better than 2020 as things are opening up and people are enjoying life again. Memphis has a fantastic line-up of things to do, whether you love sports, music, food, or the great outdoors. Here are our top picks for things to do in Memphis this summer. 

Memphis Riverboats 

Memphis Riverboats has been operating since 1955. It’s famous for its dinner cruises and sightseeing tours. On your Memphis Riverboat tour you’ll see the city in a slow, yet uniquely fun way – from a riverboat! As you journey up and down the river, you’ll spot a ton of famous Memphis landmarks from a new perspective. It’s an educational experience brimming with interesting tidbits. The cruise lasts about 90-minutes. The savvy and knowledgeable guides give you an interesting and extensive narrative of the history of the river. There are also drinks, restrooms and snacks available onboard.

Shelby Farms Park 

Staying in line with our outdoor theme, Shelby Farms Park is a massive 4,500 acres. The sprawling urban oasis is nearly 5 times the size of NYC’s Central Park. If you’re looking for a free adventure into nature Shelby Farms Park will not disappoint. From disc golf to biking and kite flying, you’ll find plenty of cheap or no-cost activities in the park. Don’t forget to explore the park via a horseback riding tour around the park. 

Big River Crossing 

Big River Crossing is the longest bike bridge and public pedestrian across the Mississippi River. Every day, it see flocks of people who come for photography, fitness or to take in its massive beauty. Cross the bridge and take in the spectacular views of the downtown Memphis skyline and the river. At night fall the bridge turns into a beacon of LED light, thanks to the Mighty Lights show. Light shows are themed for the city’s special events and holidays.

Beal Street 

Now that things are opening up again you can’t miss out on a night on the town on Beal Street. Built in 1900, this 1.8-mile street is a crucial location in blues music history. Today, it’s lined with restaurants and blues clubs. At first sight the street looks like a typical tourist spot. But, come after sunset and you’ll enjoy plenty of uniquely Memphis experiences. At night, the strip between Fourth and Second streets comes alive with numerous music clubs opening their doors. 

The Memphis Zoo 

Open since 1906, this 76-acre zoological park is an accredited and official member of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium. The Memphis Zoo has been voted as the top zoological park in America. Experience a number of educational programs and over 3,000 animals. The Memphis zoo will keep you entertained and amused for the entire day. And, did we mention that it’s one of 4 zoos in the entire country with giant pandas? Yeah – pandas! 

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