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Top global airlines to work for 2016

Top global airlines to work for in 2016

Top global airlines Last month, we gave you a rundown of the top flight companies to work for in the US.  But for those of you looking to work further afield, check out this list of the top global airlines to work for.  Whether you’re learning to fly at our Tennessee campus or our Florida…

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Delta outage

The Delta outage: the chaotic impact

The Delta Outage – August 2016 If you’re training to become a commercial pilot at our flight schools in Florida  and Tennessee,  you’ll soon learn about the delicate art of flight schedules – and what happens if they don’t go to plan!  Last week’s Delta outage was a case in point… Delta Air Lines hit the…

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Alberto Santos-Dumont

Heroes in Flight: Alberto Santos-Dumont

Alberto Santos-Dumont With the Rio Olympics well underway, how many CTI PFT students spotted a Hero in Flight at the Opening Ceremony? As the Maracanã Stadium played host to a retelling of Brazil’s history, one segment saw white boxes pieced together to form a plane which flew out of the stadium.  But what was the…

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Top 10 airlines to work for

The Top 10 North American airlines to work for

Earning your pilot’s license at CTI PFT opens a number of career doors, with many students going on to become commercial airline pilots.  If you too want to follow that path, check out this list of the top 10 airlines to work for first!  Calculated by Investopedia, this list ranks North American airlines based on…

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Louis Blériot

Heroes in flight: Louis Blériot

Louis Blériot Have you heard of Louis Blériot, the early pioneer whose guts and determination inspired generations of aviators?  As the first person to successfully fly a plane across the English Channel, and the father of the modern monoplane, Blériot’s story is a lesson in never giving up! Born in Cambrai, France, in 1872, Blériot…

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New runway conditions reporting guidelines from FAA will improve safety This month, the FAA detailed new standards designed to increase safety at airports across the US.  Intended to reduce the risk of accidents caused by runway overruns and runway contamination following bad weather, these new guidelines will be enforced from October 1, 2016. The new…

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Eating Out in Memphis - Image

Eating Out in Memphis

Top Spots for Eating Out in Memphis Learning to fly at our Tennessee flight school doesn’t just mean taking advantage of outstanding training.  You also get the chance to soak up everything the area has to offer – and that includes the food! Memphis is famed for its cuisine, with visitors coming from all over for…

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Hero In Flight - Harrison Ford 2

Heroes in Flight: Harrison Ford

Heroes in Flight: Harrison Ford You might expect Harrison Ford’s name to appear on a list of top Hollywood actors rather than flight heroes.  But let’s just say, his adventures aren’t confined to onscreen exploits as Indiana Jones or Han Solo; he’s also a flying enthusiast and an advocate of aviation! From fighting for pilots’…

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Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse photo

Fleet Feature: The Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse

If you’ve learned to fly at CTI Professional Flight Training, you’re probably no stranger to the Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse.  Our primary trainer, this aircraft is an integral part of our fleet, and here we share some more about it! We use the Diamond DA20 at both our Tennessee and Florida campuses; it’s perfect for our private pilot…

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