How can a Glass Cockpit Jet Transition Course help you?

Glass cockpit jet transition course

Give yourself the edge with our Glass Cockpit Jet Transition Course!

Have you heard about our Glass Cockpit Jet Transition Course? Offered at our Florida flight school at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, this incredible course could give you the edge in interviews and boost your future career!

What is the Glass Cockpit Jet Transition Course?

The Glass Cockpit Jet Transition Course is designed to prepare you for a glass cockpit environment, and to help you make the transition from piston aircraft to jet aircraft! It helps you take that next step in your piloting career, as it gives you a fantastic edge in upcoming interviews. It also demonstrates your commitment to furthering your flying ability and stretches your capacity to fly various types of aircraft. Interviewers are sure to be impressed!

The course also introduces you to crew resource management (CRM) tasks and procedures. This focuses on how your decision-making, communication, and leadership skills can be honed and developed to improve air safety for you and your passengers.

How is it taught?

Our Glass Cockpit Jet Transition Course is taught by currently qualified airline pilots, who will train you via the Advanced Aviation Training System (AATS) – a training device which features glass cockpit displays. This allows you to master crew-coordinated flight in real time, from start-up to landing.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of your training is a flat rate of $2,900 – just one-third of the expense of the same flight experience in the multi-engine aircraft!

How long does it take?

To complete the course, you will be required to undergo roughly 20 hours of ground instruction, in conjunction with 20 hours of flight simulator time with the AATS. You may also be interested to know that this AATS time counts as commercial dual instruction!

How do I apply?

If you’re ready to give yourself the edge in your aviation career, it couldn’t be easier to apply! Start your journey here or, to find out more or book a tour of our Fort Lauderdale campus, simply get in contact today. We’re looking forward to seeing you in sunny Florida soon!

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