Join CTI at the 2017 Memphis Air Show

Memphis Air Show – Blue Angels

Millington Regional Jetport, which is the home of the CTI-Memphis Professional Flight Academy, will be hosting the 2017 Memphis Air Show. CTI will get the distinct honor of hosting the Blue Angels and the Saturday night Performers Party at our facility. We will also be supporting the show by providing all FBO services, aircraft handling, and coordination of the University of Memphis ROTC unit.

The Air Show is a two day event taking place on May 13 and May 14. This spectacular show is a family event, with aircraft displays, aerobatic performances, food and drinks, and activities for the kids. Tickets are available for general admission, premium box seats, and super premium Flight Line Club seating. The attractions include static displays of impressive rotary and fixed wing aircraft and a long list of incredible live performances including:

U.S. Navy Blue Angels

The world renowned Blue Angels will march in front of the crowd and take flight, pulling off breathtaking stunts in mid-air with grace, precision, and fearlessness. The FA-18 Hornets that the Blue Angels fly are some of the most impressive aircraft know to man, reaching speeds of nearly 1200 miles per hour (almost twice the speed of sound).

U.S. Marine Corps C-130 “Fat Albert”

The C-130 is an enormous four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft, with a 45,000 lb. payload. Although this plane is big enough to 92 passengers, 64 airborne troops, or 3 Humvees, its nimbleness will amaze you.

U.S. Air Force F-16 Viper

The F-16 has been a major component of the combat forces committed to the Global War on Terrorism and can withstand 9 G’s (9 times the force of gravity). This impressive aircraft will be flown by Captain John “Rain” Waters.

Navy Leap Frogs and Shockwave Jet Truck

The Leap Frogs are known for their aggressive jumping style and precision aerial maneuvers, including free fall speeds of up to 180 miles per hour. And, the Shockwave Jet Truck is a radically modified Peterbilt tractor, boasting 36,000 horsepower and capable of reaching a world record speed of 376 miles per hour.

Michael Goulian / Mike Wiskus / Skip Stewart

Other incredible performers include the highly acclaimed Michael Goulian, Mike Wiskus, and Skip Stewart, each with his own aerobatic style and list of achievements.

Purchase your tickets today and plan on visiting us at the Memphis Air Show. We would love to show you our traiing aircraft, speak to you about our customized flight training plans, and/or offer you special pricing on a Discovery Flight, Adventure Flight, or FMX Simulator Experience.

For a schedule, more information, or to purchase tickets visit 2017 Memphis Air Show or call (805) 687-0158.

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