Ready for a career change in 2018?

Career change in 2018

Make a career change in 2018: Train as a pilot with us!

If 2017 has left you craving something new, maybe it’s time for a career change in 2018! With the New Year just days away, there’s so much to try, embrace, and experience. What’s more, a new career in aviation could be waiting just around the corner!

So why consider life as a commercial pilot? We’ve compiled the best things to expect from your career change in 2018, leaving you flying high before our next round of Auld Lang Syne.

The salary

We’ll get straight to it: a career as a commercial pilot for a major airline could see you earning around $140,000 every single year. That’s approximately $5,000 more than the average lawyer makes a year and nearly 5.5 times the average salary of a US citizen.

This means you can expect a significant return on investment (ROI) from your training; a pilot who invests $70k on their training as well as undertaking a four-year degree (which boosts your earning potential overall) would get $54 back for every dollar of their investment!

The training period

We’re not lying when we say you could be flying high by the end of 2018! The average training period for a pilot is nine months – less than a quarter of the time you’d need to invest in training as a physician, for example. With a shorter training period, you’ll be ‘job ready’ in no time, meaning you could be earning a living as a commercial pilot by the time the leaves start to fall.

The working hours

How many hours per week do you work at the moment? 40? 50 even? Did you know that, as a commercial pilot, you could be working an average of 26 hours per week? Think what you could do with all that extra time – whether it’s pursuing a hobby, spending it with family and friends, or just relaxing and unwinding!

The travel

When your job involves flying all over the country and even the world, no day is the same. You’ll visit places you’ve only dreamed of, you’ll experience new cultures, and you’ll have the chance to make unforgettable memories. Does your current job do all that?

The view from the office

Wave goodbye to your boring cubicle or your uninspiring office and say hello to the most spectacular views imaginable! There aren’t many people who get to spend their shifts thousands of feet up, with a patchwork of towns and cities, fields and mountains, or the big blue below. So swap your computer screen for clouds and look forward to a view from the office you’ll never get tired of.

With all that to consider, how could you possibly say no to a career change in 2018? So make next year the year you become a commercial pilot, and we’ll be with you every step of the way to guide you through. Get in touch today to book your discovery flight and prepare for exciting new adventures!