5 reasons to become a flight instructor

reasons to become a flight instructor

Check out our top reasons to become a flight instructor!

So you want a career in aviation, but have you considered the reasons to become a flight instructor yet? This fantastic role brings a whole range of benefits – check them out below!

  1. You get paid to fly!

Is there anything better than that? One of our top reasons to become a flight instructor has to be that you can spend every day doing what you love, and get paid for it! Not many people in the world can say they earn their living by pursuing their passion, but becoming a flight instructor allows you to do just that.

  1. Flight instructors are in high demand

It’s not just commercial pilots who are in high demand. Flight instructors are too. It makes sense, really; as demand for air travel grows, airlines need more commercial pilots (and not just to replace those due to retire). But they also need someone to train them, and that person could be you. The commercial pilot shortage has also uncovered a need for more flight instructors, so you couldn’t be entering the profession at a better time.

  1. Every day is different

If the idea of the same old work in the same old office makes you want to head for hills, then you’ll be pleased to know that life as a flight instructor offers variety, excitement, and challenge! You’ll continuously meet new people, whether that’s your students or colleagues, all of whom will love flying as much as you do. Your view from the ‘office’ is incredible and ever-changing. What’s more, you’ll always be thinking ahead, thinking on your feet, and responding to new situations. We can promise you you’ll never be bored!

  1. You get to share your passion for flying

Whether you’re instructing in the cockpit or the classroom, one of the most significant rewards of being a flight instructor is teaching others to learn to fly. You’ll be able to nurture your students’ abilities, see them mastering new skills, and share your infectious love of flying with them. And nothing beats the pride that comes from seeing your students earn their licenses.

  1. It’s easy to transition to a career in commercial aviation

With all the skills you’ll amass as a flight instructor, you’ll be well placed to enter a career as a commercial pilot if you ever wish to. All that time in the air with your students will contribute towards your flight hours, making it easier to earn your commercial pilot’s license and setting you apart from the crowd when it comes to impressing potential employers. Who knows which doors could open for you?

What next?

If our top reasons to become a flight instructor have got you excited about your prospective career, we can help you get there. At CTI Professional Flight Training, we offer both the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFII) Certificates. Under expert tuition, you’ll learn all you need to become a flight instructor yourself.

So what’s stopping you? Get started today.

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