Being a Pilot During the Holidays

As you know airports get a bit busy during the holiday season.  And as you can imagine the holiday travel season can be one the most stressful and rewarding times to be a pilot. Families depend on you to get them “home for the holidays,” or to some other long-awaited holiday vacation destination. The on flight vibe is much different during the holiday season – it’s mostly filled with joy and anticipation, which is pretty cool if you’re the one in charge.  

Your Extended Family

One fun part about holiday flying is your entire crew becomes like a big extended family.  Pilots and flight attendants are all in the same boat, and understand that being away from family to bring other families together is important.  Although you may be away from your family if you choose to fly during the holidays, you’re certainly not alone.  

Bonus Pay

Many airlines pay more to pilots who fly during the holiday season.  American Airlines pilots receive twice their normal hourly pay for flying during the Christmas holiday period. It’s tough being away from family during those special days, but the extra money is a nice bonus and helps make the days you’re with your family a little nicer.  

Attitude is Everything

Every pilot knows that missing holidays, weekends, and birthdays are part of the job.  You will likely have to work during a few holidays during your career. A Christmas meal may be something that comes from a microwave. However, most airlines do everything possible to make working on the road during the holidays as good as it can be. Some will provide great meals and goodie baskets. They will give higher priority standby travel for family members who are trying to fly with working flight crew members.   

Holiday Pilots are Family Heroes

At the end of the day, you’re a hero to many families over the holidays. If it weren’t for pilots there would be no practical way for families who live apart to be with each other during the holidays.  As a society, we believe being with family during the holidays is important. It’s tradition, and it’s good for everyone. When things get tough, just remember all the joy you’re bringing by bringing a family together.  

Ready to Become a Holiday Hero?

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