Best Places to Fly to in Tennessee

One of the coolest things about earning your pilot’s license in Tennessee is all of the great trips you can make across the state. 

Within a short distance from CTI’s Memphis location – Millington-Memphis Airport, you can take to the sky and find some great stops throughout Tennessee. Here are some of our favorites. 

Tullahoma (204 miles)

Destination: Tullahoma Regional Jetport

While you’re there: Visit the Beechcraft Heritage Museum

Tullahoma is home to the world-famous Beechcraft Heritage Museum. It’s located just south of Tullahoma Regional Jetport. The incredible collection of vintage Beechcraft models, dates as far back as 1932. Make sure to keep your eye open for a Duchess! 

Halls (46 miles)

Destination: Arnold Field Airport

While you’re there: Stop by the Dyersburg Army Airbase Veterans Museum

This unique museum is just a short hop from Millington-Memphis Airport. It sits on the site of the original Dyersburg Army Airbase – a former training facility for B-17 pilots during the Second World War. Today, this museum is dedicated to the memory of veterans from WWI and up to the present day. The museum features a broad collection of informative displays and photographs that tell the story of the airbase and the aviators who trained there.

Chattanooga (264 miles)

Destination: Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport

While you’re there: Drop by Lookout Mountain

There’s plenty to do in Chattanooga. If you’re just making a short trip of it, be sure to visit Lookout Mountain. 2000 feet above sea level, this incredible mountain commands unbeatable views across Chattanooga. Take a ride aboard the Incline Railway to get to the top. Once you reach the summit, take in mesmerizing rock formations at Rock City, and enjoy one of nature’s prettiest creations in the beautiful Ruby Falls.

Lebanon (207 miles)

Destination: Lebanon Municipal Airport

While You’re There: Visit Nashville’s Superspeedway 

Park your aircraft and experience the thrill of the speedway, whether you’re riding along or taking the wheel yourself. Downtown Nashville is only a short distance too – giving you all the benefits of a big city with the convenience of a small airport.

Sweetwater (309 miles)

Destination: Monroe County Airport

While You’re There: Visit The Lost Sea

Only four miles from the airport, you’ll discover America’s largest underground lake – the Lost Sea! Shortly after arrival you’ll be touring caverns, taking a glass-bottomed boat ride and learning all about the incredible history of this fascinating cave network.

This is just a handful of the places you can fly in Tennessee and the fantastic things you can discover on the way – so get exploring!

And if the only thing stopping you is the lack of a private pilot’s license, that’s where we can help. Contact us to book your Discovery Flight today!

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