Can Anyone Learn to Fly?

If you’ve thought about flying but wondered “Do I have what it takes to be a pilot?” or “Is it even possible for me to learn how to fly?” you’re not alone. Most people who seriously consider the thought have flying have doubts. And the same happens when new students get started and realize the work they need to put into becoming a pilot. Many fears about not being able to learn are simply unfounded. This article will explore the idea of how hard people think flying is, and why like any skill, it can be learned – and by more people than you think.

Learning to Fly is Like Learning Anything

Nobody ever said learning to fly is easy. It’s not. But it’s also not impossible. Learning any technical skill takes time, motivation, and dedication. Millions have learned to fly and so you can you. Most people don’t realize that everything they’ll need to know about flying will be spoon-fed to them during flight school.

Technology Worries

How complicated is the technology? Many students are worried they will not understand the mechanics. They’re worried about not knowing what they haven’t studied. If you have a car that has a gas engine you already know something about plane engines. They’re the same. No magic. You can learn the basics of how an engine works in as little as one hour of study.

What about Meteorology?

Ground school is exists to teach you what you don’t know. You’ve certainly seen a weather report on the news. That’s meteorology. Ground school simply expands on that and puts it into the context of aviation.

FAA Regulations are Hard to Understand

That’s right. The FAA isn’t known for clarity. But every good ground school knows how to clarify the regulations for their students. There is a lot of easy to understand material on FAA regulations you can find in the classroom, books, DVD, and online. Student pilots can choose the method that works best for them.

What if I Have Bad Eyes?

You vision must be correctable to 20/40. You may find a limitation on your medical certificate that requires you to have or wear glasses. If you have color vision issues, you’ll have a limitation on your certificate that stipulates, “No night flight or by color control” which means no light gun signals, which are seldomly seen any more. Often a demonstrated ability test will result in a waiver that removes all limitations.

Ready to Learn to Fly?

If you’re ready to get your wings choosing a qualified flight school makes all the difference in ease of learning, time to complete your courses, and money spent. Come visit our Florida campus or Tennessee campus. You can request a tour and see all that CTI has to offer our students.

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