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Airlines brace themselves for the busiest Thanksgiving ever!

the busiest Thanksgiving ever

Will you be flying on the busiest Thanksgiving ever? It’s never a quiet time for airlines, but this year, the nation’s airports are anticipating their busiest Thanksgiving ever. Expected passenger numbers in the 12 days surrounding Thanksgiving 2018 are expected to hit a record 30.6 million! That’s more than the entire population of Texas! This…

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Have you heard of the hypersonic jet?

hypersonic jet

Boeing’s Mach 5 hypersonic jet Boeing’s latest plans for a super-fast hypersonic jet could see passengers flying from New York to London in just two hours! But how long might we be waiting for the speediest way to fly? Boeing announced its plans this year for the hypersonic jet – a futuristic airplane which could…

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The world’s longest non-stop flight lands in New York

the world's longest non-stop flight

The world’s longest non-stop flight took to the air this week Did you know the world’s longest non-stop flight took to the skies this week? Departing from Singapore on Thursday 11 October, and landing at Newark on Friday 12 October, the mammoth 16,700km trip made headlines around the world. The Singapore Airlines flight is, in…

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What the FAA Reauthorization Act means for air travel

What the FAA Reauthorization Act means

Wondering what the FAA Reauthorization Act means for airlines? If you’re wondering what the FAA Reauthorization Act means for airlines, passengers and air travel in general, we’ve got the lowdown on this new legislation, signed off by President Trump on Friday. One of the key roles of the bill is to extend the authority of…

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Single-pilot airplanes: it might not be long!

single-pilot airplanes

What do you think about single-pilot airplanes for commercial flights? If you follow the latest stories in aviation, you may have already heard about the ground-breaking prospect that passenger jets may soon become single-pilot airplanes. To bring you up to speed, this blog post examines everything you need to know – from the thinkers behind…

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