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Flight safety

Pre-flight Inspections: What to Know

Pre-flight inspections aren’t any pilot’s favorite part of flying – especially young pilots anxious to get in the air. However, a pre-flight inspection can save your life – so that’s something to think about before you rush through it. Nobody dreams of becoming a pilot so they can sump fuel and check out exhaust manifolds.…

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VFR VS. IFR Flying

There are two sets of rules for flying any aircraft: VFR and IFR. VFR stands for “Visual Flight Rules.” IFR stands for “Instrument Flight Rules.”  The weather conditions are usually the determining factor for which set of rules a pilot will choose. There are other factors, but this is an introduction, so for simplicity’s sake,…

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Safety Tips For Winter Flying

Safety Tips For Winter Flying | CTI Flight School Blog

Winter can be one of the best times of the year to take flight. The landscapes have dramatically changed. Areas you flew over in the warm months feel like brand new territory to explore. Even if you’re training out at our Florida or Tennessee flight schools you’ll want to keep up on best practices and follow these…

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Top tips for flying safely in summer

Keep flying safely in summer with our top tips! With the mercury at its peak, there’s no better time to brush up on our top tips for flying safely in summer! Remember fuel expands in heat The higher the temperatures go, the more likely your fuel is to expand. This may mean that your fuel…

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6 benefits of simulation in flight training


What are the benefits of simulation in flight training? Learning to fly doesn’t just involve leaving the ground; have you ever considered the benefits of simulation in flight training? Students at our Tennessee flight school will be familiar with our Redbird FMX – a state-of-the-art flight simulator which forms a vital part of their training.…

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