CTIPFT Becomes a Liberty University Flight Training Affiliate

CTIPFT Becomes a Liberty University Flight Training Affiliate!

CTI Professional Flight Training is proud to become a Liberty University Flight Training Affiliate!  The flight training affiliate program allows students to work towards their B.S. in Aviation online while attending a qualified flight school of their choice.  Both our FXE and NQA locations are now qualified to accept Liberty students!

FTA Program Highlights

  • Financial Aid Available (student loans)
  • Post-9/11 GI Bill available
  • Restricted “Reduced-Hour” Airline Transport Pilot Program
  • Regional Airline Hiring Agreements
  • Training to fit your schedule (accelerated, evenings, or weekends)
  • B.S. Degree completion in approximately two and a half years
  • High School Dual/Early Enrollment Program

How you benefit

When enrolled in Liberty University’s B.S. in Aviation program you can access student loans to help you pay for flight training.  Further, you will be able to work toward your degree while simultaneously attaining the necessary pilot qualifications to work for a regional airline.  Since Liberty’s FTA program is accredited you can qualify for your ATP with less total time than pilots who do not hold an aviation degree.  The end result is that you can begin your training earlier, have more assistance paying for training and reduce the amount of time before you are airline eligible!  You can read more details regarding Liberty’s FTA program HERE.

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